17:22 15 Feb 2024

UK and Latvia to provide Ukraine with thousands of drones

Міністр оборони Великої Британії Грант Шаппс

The UK and Latvia will transfer thousands of drones to Ukraine as co-leaders of a large international coalition, the British defense ministry reports.

What is the problem?

Drones were at the top of the list of military equipment the Ukrainian military leadership sought before and now.

In late January, Sweden and the UK decided to join the newly created drone coalition started by Ukraine and Latvia.

"Technology, not people, should be fighting. The drone coalition will be another step towards realizing this idea. It will save many lives.

Strengthening and developing the production of unmanned systems will transform the army and make the latest technologies a reality today. I would like to invite nations to develop software solutions that will create the future of this sphere," said Deputy Minister of Defense for Digital Development Kateryna Chernohorenko.

What is the solution?

The UK will increase and streamline the provision of FPV drones to Ukraine by the West.

These drones have proven to be highly effective on the battlefield, providing operators with situational awareness to defeat enemy positions, armored vehicles, and ships.

How does it work?

The UK and Latvia have started a large coalition to develop drones for Ukrainian forces. The UK wants to "mobilize" the power of Western industry by creating competition for the production of these drones on a large scale and at an affordable price.

This is the first project to be launched from the £200 million drone package announced by the UK Prime Minister in January.

UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps reminded that London has already increased its assistance to Ukraine to £2.5 billion this year.

"Today we are going even further. I'm proud to announce that the UK and Latvia will jointly lead an international coalition to build Ukraine's vital drone production capability. Together, we will give Ukraine the capabilities it needs to defend and win this war to ensure that Putin is defeated in his illegal, barbaric ambitions," Shapps said.

Ukraine has developed an armor-piercing munition for FPV drones. This weapon is effective against lightly armored vehicles (armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and armored personnel carriers) that are protected by anti-modulation and anti-drone weapons.

Ukraine is also building a fleet of naval drones, which it is deploying to target Russian vessels in the Black Sea.

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