27 sep, 16:39

Russian forces push to regain lost ground near Bakhmut: Ukrainians stand firm

18 sep, 10:10

Ukrainian army liberated two square kilometers near Bakhmut last week – deputy defense minister

17 sep, 12:42

Russia has deployed 50,000 troops in Bakhmut direction – Eastern Forces Group spokesperson

3 sep, 15:36

Ukrainian medics place 12 beehives to house 600,000 insects near Bakhmut

29 aug, 19:57

Russians are surrounded in Bakhmut and unable to retreat – Ukraine's deputy defense minister

24 jul, 20:59

AFP journalist injured in drone attack near Bakhmut

24 jul, 13:55

Ukrainian forces advance on Bakhmut front, liberating 35 square kilometers of territory

19 jul, 10:05

Russian troops retreat from their northern positions on Bakhmut front

10 jul, 13:31

Ukraine's forces take Bakhmut under fire control – Colonel-General Syrskyi

8 jul, 10:21

British intelligence reports critical situation of Russian troops in Bakhmut

3 jul, 22:16

Russia deploys over 180,000 troops to two eastern fronts – commander of Ukraine's East Group of Forces

30 jun, 14:52

Russia mobilizes 300 tanks and 50,000 personnel at Bakhmut front – Ukraine's General Cherevaty

20 jun, 19:51

Ukraine's armed forces make progress on Bakhmut front flanks – General Syrsky

13 jun, 17:27

Bakhmut: 53 Russian soldiers, 118 injured, and two captured by Ukrainian forces over the past day

8 jun, 14:54

Ukrainian forces drive back Russian troops by 1,2 km in Bakhmut – 3rd Assault Brigade

6 jun, 18:50

Bakhmut becomes "a magnet in the war,” receiving the best Western weapons – Zelensky

31 may, 16:09

Ukraine downing Russian hypersonic missile and preparing to receive F-16 fighter jets: key trends in Ukraine’s wartime reality

30 may, 13:57

Ukrainian forces kill 80, injure 119 Wagner mercenaries retreating from Bakhmut over the past day

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