In Handy

In Handy
4 aug, 10:30

Panic button and bartender code word: how to get out of a date that has become dangerous

3 aug, 15:20

Vacation in Ukraine: what sea spots to visit with a tent and without crowds

2 aug, 09:55

How to make a hackathon successful?

1 aug, 10:55

Typical Tinder: what can happen on a date and why you shouldn't be afraid to go on them

In Handy
30 jul, 12:05

Heat in Ukraine: how to escape it outside, at home, and work

26 jul, 08:53

Summer part-time jobs for teenagers: what children and parents need to know

In Handy
24 jul, 15:15

Watermelon poisoning. How to choose a fruit and what to do with effects of dangerous watermelons and melons

23 jul, 11:21

Airbnb apartment: what can go wrong and how to keep yourself safe

22 jul, 15:15

Mosquito invasion in Ukraine: how to fight bloodsuckers

21 jul, 13:57

Now just lying prostrate: what to do in Egypt when you're tired of all-inclusive

In Handy
20 jul, 09:15

Have a Cake Day: 20 facts about dessert and 3 recipes for every taste

12 jul, 17:20

July selection: 5 informative books for young readers and their parents

11 jul, 09:05

Chocolate Day: 20 facts that make us love these treats so much

10 jul, 09:30

Ukrainian railway: 10 facts you didn't know

8 jul, 11:15

8 facts about Egypt that will surprise you: it's better to feel it once than to hear it a hundred times

5 jul, 19:10

Excise duty on sugary drinks, or how to stop white death

4 jul, 13:50

July 4 is the Day of Independence from… meat!

2 jul, 10:00

Close to the heart: when to go to the cardiologist

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