Maria Smyk

9 may, 10:55

"A person is given a new roof, but they remain under it with old memories": how Ukraine shall (not) be rebuilt

Special Project
13 apr, 16:15

"O lovely maidens, fall in love," divided fronts and millions of donations: how Lutsk couple "creates death" for russians

10 apr, 14:18

Guerrilla-2022: how to resist the occupation. Methods tested by Ukrainians

3 apr, 15:15

Raped during occupation: what to do, what medicine to take and where to seek help

30 mar, 19:32

Reparations, the Hague and economic intelligence: when and how will russia pay for the damage?

Special Project
29 mar, 14:25

"I knew that there would be a full-scale war for two reasons." How a school village teacher started to defend our history at the front

Special project
22 mar, 19:30

"You could use an armored vest, like Xena's," or how an activist who fought for women's rights, is now fighting for Kyiv

18 mar, 11:05

Economic bottom. On Russia’s economic state in simple words

23 feb, 15:05

Ukraine is in a state of emergency: everything you need to know

What's Happening
23 feb, 13:52

Putin's decision, which Russia will regret: everything you need to know about "LDPR" recognition

22 feb, 16:15

Putin has gone mad: what to do in case of hostilities

What's Happening
18 feb, 11:03

"Put on a mask, please" and "You're stupid" in response or the service industry's covid realities

What's Happening
17 feb, 17:00

Illusion of care for "rescued": why Russia needs (or doesn't) to recognize "LDNR"

16 feb, 18:00

How to save 3 lives in 15 minutes, or why donate blood right now

15 feb, 17:50

A place without white coats: how family rooms in hospitals become a consolation for families

What's Happening
11 feb, 18:50

What's new in international support of Ukraine: Minsk, Macron, and the friendship of Poles

10 feb, 14:00

Territory defense: how to enter and do you need to go through a health check?

9 feb, 16:07

Digitization as it is: we reveal 7 Diia novelties

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