Maria Smyk

21 nov, 19:48

Mourning animals: how Lutsk Zoo helps people and animals that had to leave their homes

Special Project
20 nov, 12:30

Helping children, rebuilding music school and trucks in convoy: how charity fund founded because of war works

Special Project
17 nov, 09:35

How tobacco industry manipulates Ukrainians: pressure on teenagers and solutions for change

21 oct, 14:54

"We can restore destroyed infrastructure in 4 years": interview with Ukraine's road deputy chief

12 oct, 10:31

To the last drop: how Mykolaiv has lived without drinking water for half a year

Special Project
12 oct, 10:05

Launching new plant during war or business that started with explosions

4 oct, 16:42

"I'm staying on this soil alive or dead," or burnt fields of Ukrainian south

3 oct, 15:20

Saving business and upgrading the city: how entrepreneurs get relocation help in Ivano-Frankivsk

Special Project
30 sep, 16:35

"If I don't write about torture now, I write about death," story of journalist who escaped from Mariupol

27 sep, 10:04

"While Ukrainian army clears our land from occupiers, we clear it from waste," or Let's Do It Ukraine's environmental and humanitarian missions

14 sep, 14:09

"The main thing is not to make manicure on the hands, but to take these hands into your own": how beauty volunteers help those who survived occupation

8 sep, 14:42

English for Ukrainian army, or how military base got itself teacher, flower garden, and language classes

Special Project
27 aug, 09:08

100 kilometers on foot not to give birth in occupation: a story of Kyiv maternity hospital left alone with war

Special Project
17 aug, 14:10

"Emergency in civilian life is car crash, but now it's russia as neighbor": story of anesthesiologist who became combat medic

17 aug, 07:45

Stork's home: what's happening to Kyiv region's Demydiv flooded to stop enemies

11 aug, 17:01

My loved one is in captivity: What defenders' relatives should do, and how the world (doesn't) help them

5 aug, 18:15

Repair Ukraine: How volunteers "clean up after russia" in Chernihiv region

2 aug, 15:27

World War III or not? What is happening in Taiwan and Kosovo, and what does Ukraine have to do with it

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