Maria Smyk

30 oct, 10:01

"They risk their lives for ours": how Antonivka, in the Kherson Region, lives at the enemy's gunpoint

13 oct, 10:19

"Some kind of strength appears because we are at home": how the northernmost community of the Kherson region lives and recovers after occupation

Special project
9 oct, 11:45

Two thousand flooded houses: the life of Kherson's Ostriv microdistrict after the Kakhovka power plant explosion

30 jul, 09:00

Plants on the site of the drained Kakhovka Reservoir, digital reconstruction and preservation of mosaics: TOP 10 solutions of July

26 jun, 18:45

"Knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" Ukrainians destroy myths about displaced people imposed by Russia

26 jun, 12:18

Village in the Kherson region that resurrects from under the water

22 jun, 16:36

Atlantis that has returned from underwater: how Kherson lives after the great flood receded

What's Happening
7 jun, 14:35

Underwater: What is happening in flooded Kherson and how people and animals evacuate

Special project
24 feb, 18:36

Gas workers of Kyiv region working under fire and during occupation

Special project
24 feb, 12:00

"I know where I will return," or the case of a business supporting employees at the front line

17 feb, 16:16

"We can see law even in the dark": free legal assistance for Ukrainians

13 feb, 15:01

"Please break down the door": how Ivano-Frankivsk women evacuated hundreds of paintings from cities in line of fire

4 jan, 11:01

Ice village: how Demydiv lives 10 months after flooding

13 dec, 14:26

Time for childhood: solution for Ukrainian school children abroad

6 dec, 14:26

"Children with different eyes": how art therapy works for young displaced people in Kyiv

Special Project
30 nov, 15:05

Billions in losses and thousands of deaths: why we need to raise excise taxes on tobacco

21 nov, 19:48

Mourning animals: how Lutsk Zoo helps people and animals that had to leave their homes

Special Project
20 nov, 12:30

Helping children, rebuilding music school and trucks in convoy: how charity fund founded because of war works

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