Review 17:35 22 Nov 2021

On rain, sun, and shadow: the top 10 strangest tax solutions from around the world

Nobody likes to pay taxes. But we must recognize that they are necessary for the existence of any state. Rubryka has collected the most unexpected tax solutions: get ready, it will be fun.

Considerable funds are needed to maintain the state. All over the world, taxes are the very money that sustains the vast state apparatus, provides public procurement, finances science, education, and medicine, and is used to pay salaries to state employees and social benefits.

When it comes to replenishing the state budget, politicians, including ours, become extremely resourceful. And if Ukrainians only joke that "soon we'll pay for air," in other countries there are already existing taxes on the sun, shadow, rain. The difference is that where such taxes have long been a reason for memes, they do work, and ordinary citizens who pay them have the opportunity to see clearly what the percentage of their hard-earned money is and where it goes.

RUBRYKA has collected the top 10 most bizarre, at first glance, taxes from around the world, which can solve many problems and make people's lives much more civilized and comfortable.

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