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Solutions journalism works: 10 Rubryka's best articles in November

Fortifying cities, electricity for everyone, and helpful coffee—these solutions amaze us. Ukrainians continue to prove to the world that they are capable of the incredible.

November turned out to be full of challenges for Ukrainians. But it is also rich in solutions. Despite the massive russian missile attacks, blackouts, and heat and water supply interruptions, Ukrainians continue their struggle and daily life even more fiercely, helping each other. Rubryka gathered the most interesting and helpful stories of November in this article. They are our light and our warmth.

Рубрика підтримка українців під час блекауту

Another act of missile terror by the aggressor on Ukrainian cities on November 23 led to the fact that most regions were left without electricity, water, heat, communication, and the Internet. russia wanted to break us with attacks on infrastructure and blackouts, and the Ukrainians united only stronger. We gather, help each other, and deploy "points of invincibility" because we understand well what exactly we are fighting for and how we want to live. We talked about mutual aid solutions that are working all over the country right now, from meat grinders at Rozetka retails to Points of Invincibility at Ukrainians' homes. 

як у Дніпрі працює місія World Central Kitchen

Since February 24, the World Central Kitchen mission has distributed 169 million portions of hot food to Ukrainians, and more than 5 million families have received food packages. As soon as a Ukrainian village or city is liberated, WCK volunteers are already there the next day. They bring food and ready meals. Residents who've been under occupation for months meet them with tears in their eyes and "thank you." From the first day of the full-scale invasion, the World Central Kitchen mission fed Ukrainians. The primary thing, WCK representatives say, is to care for the people who suffer from this war. 

Rubryka visited the Dnipro WCK headquarters and explained how it all started and how the volunteers managed to continue their work for nine months. (Also, they managed to recreate McDonald's burgers in the volunteer kitchen, having all the original ingredients.)

Громадська організація

Aid to civilians and military, which Hurkit brought to the Kherson region. Source: Hurkit's Facebook page

Mutual aid is our superpower. The Hurkit public organization that deals with aid for the front and delivering humanitarian goods believes that too. Volunteers even had to evacuate civilians. "And once our volunteers were shot in the legs," Vlad Samoilenko, the head of the Hurkit volunteer center, who started with evacuating civilians and now drives cars to the front while simultaneously searching for, buying, and delivering equipment for the fighters, said this to us in a very ordinary way. He has a lot of stories about bullets fired. 

Rubryka talked to Vlad Samoilenko about how volunteers went to Irpin, how waste paper can help buy cars for the military and why every hryvnia is important, and also about why it is essential to be not only at the front but also behind it, providing soldiers with greater comfort and confidence on the front lines with their efforts.

Рубрика Бізнес без світла

One of the biggest challenges of November for many Ukrainians was the power outages. Ukraine has been living in conditions of electricity shortage for almost two months. Until recently, it seemed impossible to work without light. However, the collapse that russia hoped for did not happen. Like no one else, Ukrainians know how to make the impossible possible. We talked about how coffee shops, restaurants, banks, co-working spaces, and beauty salons adapted to rotating shutdowns. Generators, flashlights, candles, batteries, and life hacks from Ukrainian entrepreneurs are in our bright selection of solutions.

Рубрика Ініціатива

russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine left many people without the possibility of existence—rapid relocation, escaping from shelling, and sometimes being forced to abandon property because their only family home was destroyed. Then, when it seems that everything is lost, that there is no way to "stand on your feet" again, people who help from the bottom of their hearts rise to the occasion.

We decided to talk about the creators of good changes—the rechi.support project, which since April has been helping displaced people find what they need in the first days after moving. Read about the importance of simple good deeds, a chocolate bar placed in a parcel with household items, and Ukrainians who do not abandon each other in trouble in our article at the link.

Олександра Макеєва

Oleksandra Makeiev with the leader of the rock band MERI Viktor Vinnyk

Ukraine spends about 130 billion hryvnias monthly to repel enemies. Citizens also help the country. You and I prove every day that we can do everything: we've bought Bayraktar drones and a satellite, launched hundreds of volunteer initiatives and shown that we are ready to win at any cost! Sometimes it's the price of a simple coffee and the conversation behind it.

Media-Kava is an initiative from Lutsk which organizes online auctions for the opportunity to drink coffee with a famous person. Read about earned several million, auctions on Facebook, and interesting lots in Rubryka's article. By the way, join in! You have an exciting conversation, the Ukrainian armed forces get needed support, and Ukraine will win.

Фонд підтримки дорослих онкопацієнтів Inspiration family

The war took away from cancer patients the opportunity to receive full and unhindered medical care. Cancer patients die every day from the effects of war, direct or secondary. During eight months of full-scale russian aggression, about 900 medical facilities were damaged. There are not enough doctors and necessary available drugs. And patients in the temporarily occupied territories are simply doomed. Thus, during the occupation of Kherson and part of the region, the number of patients with neglected stages of cancer more than doubled. This happened because people could not seek help in time.

More than a million people who have two wars—one outside with the russian aggressor and the second inside with cancer— need support and help now more than ever. And Ukraine should be a country where cancer is curable, despite everything, even despite the war. This is the vision of the founders of the Inspiration Family fund. Even during the full-scale russian aggression against Ukraine, they find solutions here and now to help this happen. We explained what these solutions are and how they work.

Work of volunteers. Photo: @olehryvko

Due to the occupation of russia, thousands of people were left either without housing at all or with damaged houses, most of which were uninhabitable. Winter was approaching, and already in the spring, it was clear that it would be difficult for the inhabitants of the destroyed cities and towns. People needed help furnishing and repairing houses, clearing rubble, and cleaning apartments. And such help came — particularly from the Brave to Restore initiative, which has been operating for more than four months and unites caring people to help those whose homes have been destroyed.

Read about how volunteers with shovels, hammers, boards, self-tapping screws, bricks, and kindling help rebuild people's homes in our article

"I'm an XS, and my breasts are size five. We need a plate carrier so that it does not hang from the bottom and does not crack from the top," — these and other requests are received by the public organization Zemliachki. Ukrainian Front. Women's uniform is one of the main needs of women who are currently defending our country. 

"One air defense force woman said it costs a million dollars to launch ammunition once. State funds go specifically to purchase shells and other important things, without which we cannot cope. But underwear, little things for hygiene — these things we can cover as volunteers," Ksenia Drahaniuk, the founder of the initiative, told us

We share what women ask from volunteers, how much it costs to dress a woman in a uniform according to size, and also about how "Zemliachki" have become military cupids and what solutions they have found at the link.

A full-scale war forces Ukrainians to look for new ways to protect themselves from the enemy's actions. Shelters of various kinds are being set up in cities, and volunteer initiatives are being launched to strengthen our defense capabilities and protect people. We gathered all these projects in one place. Here we talk about what street shelters there are now in Ukraine, who is involved in their preparation, and how access to them is improved.

For over two years now, Rubryka has been talking daily about solutions — those that Ukrainians find, those that solve real problems. Solutions journalism is what helps us do that even during a full-scale war. Now, every month we share with you the most interesting solutions that inspire and motivate, solve complex problems and give tools to work with them and help others. After all, we are convinced that no matter how difficult it is, there will always be solutions.


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