громадянське суспільство

28 jun, 14:18

How to provide IDPs with housing? Solution: restoring abandoned buildings

Special Project
22 jun, 21:30

It's not about numbers: sexual violence as war crime, victims' real needs, and exposure mistakes

10 jun, 16:47

How to evacuate a person with a disability: difficulties, emotions, contacts

9 jun, 20:35

Assistance to displaced people and community development: how war spurred the work of garment enterprises in Rivne region

7 jun, 18:55

With care for yourself and yours. What is the Resilience Hub, and how does it work?

14 may, 17:01

UNITED24 Reports: In the First Week, Over USD 25 Million Were Transferred to the National Bank of Ukraine Accounts

21 mar, 19:25

How the "Volunteer Headquarters M" works: the most frequent requests, the most problematic needs

25 feb, 15:20

300 million hryvnias were collected for the needs of Ukrainian army in just one day

21 feb, 12:55

More than a charity lunch: how the community in Sumy region helps the needy and pensioners

21 feb, 10:30

How to support the Ukrainian army right now? 5 ways for everyone

14 feb, 19:35

"Form" ugliness overcome. Where should victims of domestic violence turn to?

14 feb, 11:35

First aid and training for civilians: what skills to learn so as not to panic

What's Happening
8 feb, 14:15

"When an unknown number calls me, I think something happened," or how Ukrainian activists are persecuted

22 jan, 08:55

United by solutions: top 5 projects that strengthen our unity

31 dec, 09:05

Charity for the holidays: how community initiatives help those in need

29 dec, 09:00

10 urban solutions of 2021: the most interesting city projects

20 dec, 13:05

Ukraine - Estonia: 20 effective digital tools

10 dec, 13:09

Rivne region funded 20 public projects aimed at youth outreach

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