Civil society

20 feb, 12:43

Maidan 2014-2024: ten years on the Independence Square in Kyiv

22 jan, 16:37

Cooperation, action, learning: how to involve citizens to take a more active role in the reconstruction of Ukraine

22 jan, 09:30

"Recovery Window": Ukrainian media and think tanks have joined forces to monitor reconstruction. How to join?

18 jan, 16:25

Rubryka hosts online discussion on helping IDPs adapt in safer Ukrainian regions

Special project
16 jan, 11:17

Helping one person means helping a whole country: the story of an organization that became a refuge for war victims

11 jan, 15:26

About 600 people came to help eliminate the consequences of the missile attack

Special project
10 jan, 10:37

To replace window with plywood and hope for the best: how frontline Zaporizhzhia helps its citizens

1 dec, 19:05

Ukraine’s efforts to eliminate corruption during the war: podcast

27 nov, 13:11

"We need to get up and do something": teenagers create change in rebuilding Ukraine’s communities

21 nov, 08:00

Ten years of civil society development: how the initiatives born on Maidan of Dignity are working now

15 nov, 14:15

Ukraine’s efforts to eliminate corruption during the war: Rubryka invites for online discussion

9 nov, 12:13

To elect or not to elect: why elections are not timely in Ukraine

Special project
31 oct, 17:50

"Problems of Ukrainians must be heard on such platform:" Ukrainian project at Paris Peace Forum presents sustainable solution for communities

30 oct, 17:12

Who will write the rules for murals?: artists and citizens look for a common solution regarding murals

27 oct, 22:10

The role of human capital in Ukraine’s recovery explored at Human Capital UA forum in Kyiv

What's going on?
23 oct, 14:10

"They promised us an Arlington a year ago": the families of deceased Ukraine's defenders call for justice

19 oct, 18:37

Rebuild better than it was: how can communities restore mobility?

She's got it
19 oct, 13:27

"Wars start with communications, but they also end with them": a Ukrainian communications specialist helps domestic NGOs speak to the world from abroad

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