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"Rubryka" launches English-language podcast: Solutions from Ukraine amid war

Online solutions media "Rubryka" has launched its first English-language podcast. It's called Solutions from Ukraine and is already available on major listening platforms.

In the new podcast, we will talk about the recovery of Ukraine as a whole and in individual communities, how internally displaced people and locals adapt to new conditions, what problems they face and what solutions they find to wartime challenges.

The presenters and authors of the podcast are editor-in-chief of "Rubryka" Anastasia Rudenko, and analyst of  the "Internews-Ukraine" NGO Vladyslav Faraponov.

"From the first days of the war, I understood that the information front, in particular for the foreign audience, is key. "Rubryka" is the first and only mass media that works efficiently in the format of solutions journalism. It is how we are trying to position our podcast with Anastasia. We are looking for positivity even in the darkest times for our society and state. I am convinced that human stories are the most powerful way to convey messages. With them, we want to convey to the Western audience the need to continue supporting Ukraine. We are persevering and doing a lot, but without help, the price will be many times higher", says the co-host of the podcast Vladyslav Faraponov.

The following episodes will be devoted to the problems faced by Ukrainians during the war, and we will tell you about the solutions that will be useful not only for Ukraine but also for the world. In particular, in the upcoming episodes, we will talk about the new school year in Ukraine during the war and the search for solutions to environmental problems.

"Now, it is critically important for Ukraine not to lose the understanding and support of the world. In our podcast, we will talk about real stories where Ukrainians are looking for ways to solve problems in the conditions of the new abnormal "normality". We will discuss what they have to face, what important humanitarian initiatives are born in self-organization, and what experience is currently in need, which we can adopt. Audio stories establish a special relationship with the listeners, and we want to spread more truth via this format," says the editor-in-chief of "Rubryka", co-host of the podcast Anastasia Rudenko.

Together with the launch of the podcasts, "Rubryka" begins fundraising and community building on the crowdfunding platform Patreon.

We will redirect half of the donations to humanitarian initiatives discussed in the podcast; the other half will fund creating new stories by the "Rubryka" team.

The English-language version of the "Rubryka" website was launched in September 2020. After February 24, 2022, traffic to the English version increased five times, and now it is read by more than 1.5 million people from different parts of the world every month.

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"Rubryka" is a Ukrainian online media that develops solutions journalism. In this approach, our team focuses not so much on the problem but on possible options for its solution using the examples of people, NGOs, initiatives, and communities applying those solutions. Follow the link to find out how solutions journalism works in times of war.


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