Anastasia Rudenko

15 apr, 11:25

"You'll bliss out": what new things await us in "Diia" and other digitalization surprises. Interview with Mykhailo Fedorov

9 mar, 18:10

"Vandalism and ZhEK." Legendary artist Haidamaka about restoring Lesya Ukrainka museum, Kobzar, and secrets of a good exhibition

24 feb, 11:58

"If not for Russia, we would be together with Ukraine in the EU". Interview with Estonian Ambassador Kaimo Kuusk

6 jan, 16:45

"The key is to be honest." Anna Butkevych: why a powerful woman needs to be photographed for Playboy, ATB million-charity campaigns, and burgers for a healthy lifestyle

Film report
30 dec, 18:30

How humane is Ukraine? Realities of treating animals and what we can do

25 dec, 17:10

How to make Zhytomyr the capital of small aircraft and turn waste into energy. Interview with Leonid Kriher

25 dec, 15:25

How Zhytomyr region turns trash and "coronavirus waste" into energy

9 nov, 16:55

How is the Academy of Sciences changing? First interview of Anatolii Zahorodniy, the new head of the NASU after Borys Paton

18 aug, 15:45

Bribe-free mining business is a reality. Head of State Service of Geology and Subsoil on reforms and new rules of the game

5 may, 16:52

Business during a storm. How the near-house stores "KOLO" expand even during the crisis

She's Got It
20 apr, 18:38

Draw your thoughts: Ukrainian in California talks about how they treat with art therapy in the U.S.

9 apr, 16:50

Volunteer of thousands of lives. How Ukrainians transport millions of dollars in humanitarian medical equipment across the ocean

19 mar, 09:10

“There is no future for Ukraine without atomic energy”. The interview with director general of the first uranium mining private company

21 feb, 10:35

Myroslava Gongadze: "It is important that people talk about Ukraine from Kyiv, and not only from Washington or Moscow"

31 jan, 12:22

Davos discoveries. Why and how Butkevych's company enters into the “blue ocean” of rare resources

She's Got It
13 may, 09:05

Myroslava Gongadze, "Act from a position of courage"

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