Checked 21:30 09 Dec 2021

How the deception of "cheap" loans at 0% and "fast" money works: the editorial office's experiment

Rubryka tried to get a "quick loan" and found pitfalls from our experience. Checklist on how to protect yourself from fraud and personal data leaks

What is the problem?

Quarantine has undoubtedly changed the financial situation of many Ukrainians. Lockdown has forced businesses to save on costs and employees to survive on savings. Many have lost their jobs and still can't find a new one.

At the same time, the number of offers of "cheap loans" has increased in the media.

Microcredit organizations offer "fast money" at low-interest rates. However, not everyone plays by fair rules. Often, such organizations profit from the hopelessness and inattention of customers.

Quite a few sad examples have already been described on the Internet. These include blackmail by publishing personal data, calls from collectors, intimidation, or lending to third parties.

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