Psychology 20:00 31 Jan 2022

How to deal with anxiety and develop resilience?

The media is increasingly talking about the probable full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. All this news increases the degree of tension and brings society out of psychological balance.

What is the problem? 

You've probably also discussed this topic with family and friends, argued, pondered the prospects of events, collected the so-called "emergency suitcases," perhaps even considered whether to sell your property. Of course, there are those who are convinced that there will be no full-scale war, so they don't panic. In any case, part of society is nervous and emotionally unstable.

We worry about the threat, not the coverage. 

"This situation shows us whether we can cope with anxiety, stress and whether we can control ourselves in such difficult situations," said Anastasia Nizhnik, a psychotherapist-consultant and co-founder of the BrainCult Mental Health Center and an expert at the Community Foundation. "Since this is about our survival, our life, of course, these things can not help but worry us.

Як впоратися з тривожністю і випрацювати життєстійкість?

Anastasia Nizhnik

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