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How and what kind of fire to put out: safety rules that everyone should know

Holidays are holidays, but we shouldn't forget about safety. Especially when it comes to fire, and winter holidays aren't without candles, sparklers, and, unfortunately, still fireworks. After the incident at the Kosiv Hospital, it turned out that the briefings didn't always take into account how and why a fire could occur. We remind you of the rules of extinguishing fires for all occasions (although we hope that you won’t have to use them).

What is the problem?

Three people died in a fire at the Kosiv Central District Hospital. Two are in critical and serious condition. One woman has 90% burns of the body, another one has 60%. Another victim is a doctor who received 20% of body burns and is now in the burn unit, and it was his actions that caused the injuries of all six.

пожежна безпека

The explosion occurred after the death of one of the patients in the intensive care unit, where 5 oxygen concentrators were working at the same time. The doctor lit a candle. From the contact of an open fire with oxygen-saturated air in the intensive care unit, medical equipment, cloth, and other items were instantly taken. The cause of this sad event is ignorance of the basic laws of physics and disregard for safety rules.

A fire can happen anywhere and not just because of deadly carelessness. We explain what to do and what not to do. After all, fire differs from fire.

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