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Celebrities show their true colors to the world during the war: which of the celebrities supported Ukraine

The leaders, writers, musicians, and athletes: the entire world is on the side of Ukraine.

What is the problem?

The war in Ukraine has been going on for three weeks. Every day goes for three. We rejoice in our victories and count the losses, we save ourselves and we save others, we help and accept help ourselves. We stand on our land and are not going to give it to anyone. But each of us wants to return to the ordinary world. Where there are vacations and concerts, movie premieres, and spectacular sports competitions. Where the media headlines cover news from prestigious literary competitions, music festivals, and fashion shows. All this will definitely come back into our lives. We just need to hold on and do everything possible for our Motherland to cope with the Russian invasion.

What is the solution?

The whole progressive world is now trying to help Ukraine. Help to win, to endure. Modern weapons, funds, and humanitarian goods are constantly flowing to Ukraine. A huge number of countries are ready to accept Ukrainians fleeing the war. We should not forget about information support – in wartime, it is no less important than material. It is impossible to list in one material all those who now speak loudly about Ukraine to the whole world. We talk about the most famous of them.

World leaders did not remain indifferent

Королева Іспанії Летиція

Queen Letizia of Spain violated royal neutrality and supported Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war. She wore a vyshyvanka, a traditional Ukrainian shirt, to the Mutua Madrileña charity event. In the Ukrainian shirt, she went to the press and made a speech.

герцог і герцогиня Кембриджські,

Representatives of the British Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visited the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London and spoke with volunteers who help Ukrainian refugees. Prince William and his wife Kate met with representatives of the Ukrainian community and volunteers and supported Ukraine with their outfits: Kate wore a blue sweater. On the sweater, and Prince William's jacket blue and yellow badges in the form of the flag of Ukraine with a white heart in the center could be seen. William's father, British Prince Charles of Wales, and his wife, Duchess Camilla of Cornwall, visited the Ukrainian Cathedral in London and prayed for peace in Ukraine.

Writers against "putin's war"

Стівен Кінг

The American writer Stephen King has repeatedly spoken about his attitude to Russia's war against Ukraine. The writer first expressed support by wearing a T-shirt. The slogan "I stand with Ukraine" was written on it. In addition, the writer decided not to continue contacts with Russian publishers.

King later wrote that this was Putin's war. Women and children die because of him. He stressed that it was important for the Russians to understand what was really going on – the wall of misinformation must be broken. King wrote on Twitter, "Ukraine now and Ukraine forever."

 Джоан Роулінг

Harry Potter author Joan Rowling was asked on Twitter by one of her followers: what spell the director of Hogwarts used to send statues to protect the castle. "I think we need it now in Ukraine," the follower wrote, adding an image of the Kyiv Motherland monument.

To which the writer sincerely replied: "This is one of those moments when I really wanted to use magic. I support Ukraine!"

Moreover, Rowling said she would increase donations to 1 million pounds for humanitarian aid to children in Ukraine.

"I will personally support the donation of up to 1 million pounds. Many thanks to all who have already joined, you allow Lumos to do important work for the most vulnerable children in Ukraine," said the author in a reply to the Lumos charity.

Actors on the side of Ukraine

селебріті підтримка україни

Benedict Cumberbatch said he would like to shelter Ukrainian immigrants at home. The actor said this in an interview on the red carpet of the BAFTA Film Awards in London. The British actor has supported his country's government program "Homes for Ukraine", which helps to offer Ukrainian immigrants who have no relatives in the UK housing.

"It's really shocking for Europeans to be two and a half hours away from Ukraine. That's what's hanging over us… We all need to do more than just wear badges. We need to donate money, we need to put pressure on our politicians to create here a safe haven for the victims. Everyone must do everything in their power. We need as many people as possible to provide voluntary asylum to Ukrainians, and I hope to take part in that as well," Cumberbatch said.

Пенелопа Крус

Another famous actress Penelope Cruz supported Ukrainian women at the film awards in Santa Barbara. During her speech, she recalled Ukraine whose people are suffering from the terrible war of aggression waged by Russia with tears in her eyes and trembling in her voice: "So many women in the world are now going through hardships and horrors! My heart is now with the women of Ukraine, their children, men, with all who suffer from this terrible situation. "

Дженніфер Еністон

Jennifer Aniston did not stand aside. The star of the Friends TV series congratulated Ukrainian women on the International Day for Women's Rights, which is celebrated on March 8. She also added details of four charities that help the Ukrainian army, refugees, and women.

Кейт Волш

Actress Kate Walsh supported Ukraine in her video address. She also wrote on Instagram: "If you, like me, want to help the people of Ukraine in their courageous struggle for democracy and peace, click on the link in the description of my profile to see a list of donations." Kate Walsh is best known for her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in Shonda Rimes' Grey's Anatomy and Madeline in Emily in Paris.

Емілія Кларк

Mother of dragons stands with us! Actress Emilia Clarke, known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the popular Game of Thrones series, supported Ukraine and called for charity to help people affected by the war.

"My heart is torn with the world because of the hardships, pain, and sorrow that millions of people in Ukraine are going through."

селебріті підтримка україни

American actress Mila Kunis and her husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, are raising money to help Ukraine. During the week of the meeting, they managed to raise $20 million. 56,000 people helped raise this amount.

"We want to tell you about our campaign in support of Ukraine," Ashton Kutcher said in a video on his Instagram page. "We raised more than $20 million in less than a week. And I say 'we' because we're all together. Some people didn't have the money to share, but they did an incredible job of telling us about our work. We're not done yet. Our goal is $30 million, and we will achieve that."

And Mila Kunis called for all her followers to join and added that both $5-10, and $1,000 could be useful. "It means so much to us because it brings a sense of belonging and the ability to help."

On March 12, Ashton Kutcher announced that the first humanitarian aid for Ukraine had already arrived.

World-famous singers are also with us!

селебріті підтримка україни

Patti Smith, who is called the "godmother of punk rock," posted on her Instagram profile her creative translation of the Ukrainian anthem in English.

"This is what I heard in a dream, and what swirls in my head all day and night like a tragic hit. A raw translation of the Ukrainian national anthem, which the people sing through tears of disobedience," Smith wrote. Watch how the main song of Ukraine in the version of Patti Smith sounds.

Британський співак Стінг

British singer Sting posted a video of the Russians song on his Instagram page. The composition was written during the Cold War. In particular, it speaks of the threat of a nuclear strike, and also has a line in which the author asks Russians "whether they love their children," hinting at the negative impact of the war on both sides. According to Sting, now the song is relevant again.

"I've rarely performed this song since it was written because I never thought it would be relevant again. But in light of one man's bloody and insidious decision to break into his peaceful neighbor, the song is again a call to humanity," Sting wrote under the post.

"For the brave Ukrainians who are fighting for their country against cruel tyranny, as well as for the Russians who are protesting against arrests and imprisonment. We, each of us, love our children. Stop the war," the artist wrote. He also announced the fundraiser under his video.

Тілль Ліндеманн

The vocalist of the famous German band Rammstein Till Lindemann helps Ukrainians who are fleeing the war at the train station in Berlin. This was reported on Instagram by Anna Komm from Kyiv, who left Ukraine for Berlin when Russian troops invaded our country.

According to the Ukrainian, she met the artist among the volunteers at the Berlin train station when she was trying to find temporary housing for the next flight. German volunteers told her that there were no places in the capital and that she could stay in a refugee tent. And when she was completely desperate, Till Lindemann helped her. The singer took her to the hotel, paid for a hotel room and gave her 50 euros for dinner.

By the way, earlier Lindemann canceled Rammstein's concerts in Russia. Imagine Dragons, Franz Ferdinand, Iggy Pop, The Killers, Green Day, BrainStorm, and many others also canceled their concerts. And members of the iconic British rock band Deep Purple have said they are apolitical but support Ukraine and return the 2011 autograph of former Prime Minister and President Dmitriy Medvedev.

Media personalities

While SpaceX founder Elon Musk is sending Starlink satellite Internet stations to Ukraine, his mother is struggling on the information front. Mae Musk, 73, said that we, Ukrainians, inspire the world with our courage. Her family is now helping us not only with words but also with deeds: Starlink in Ukraine is working hard.

селебріті підтримка україни

And on March 14, Elon Musk challenged Putin to a duel: "I hereby challenge Владимир Путин [Vladimir Putin] to single combat. Stakes are Україна [Ukraine]," he wrote on Twitter. At first glance, it looks childish, but we all remember that Elon is a genius. Hopefully, the weapon that Musk will choose for the "fight" will be a big surprise for the Kremlin freak.

селебріті підтримка україни

Oprah Winfrey also thinks of Ukraine: "I don't know about you, but I can't stop thinking about these senseless and dishonest attacks on Ukrainians. Because I'm surrounded by comfort and beauty, I can't help but think of the fear and exhaustion that each of those who escape, those who sleep underground, those who hide in basements, the faces of women and children, parents who say goodbye at the train station, men who have stood up for democracy. All this time it has touched my heart deeply. We see families being forced to leave their homes with only the essentials, or even empty-handed. Ignorance of what lies ahead shows us what really matters."

селебріті підтримка україни

Famous British footballer David Beckham and his wife, singer, and designer Victoria Beckham not only expressed their condolences to Ukraine but also donated $1.3 million to Ukrainian children.

The former athlete said in his Instagram profile: "Like you, I have watched a situation in Ukraine unfold with horror and disbelief. Mothers forced to flee with their children. Families torn apart. Children taken from their beds to become refugees overnight. As the conflict in Ukraine enters its second week, the needs of families are escalating and 7.5m children are now at risk," Beckham said.

He added that he and his wife initiated a fundraiser through their charity fund. The money will be donated to UNICEF to help victims of the war in Ukraine. "Please join me in supporting UNICEF and add as much as you can. Thank you," Beckham said.


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