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"Russian warship, go fuck yourself!": How Ukrainian business helps the army and civilians today

Everyone is united in the face of the enemy. Our strength is in unity!

War always quickly reveals who is who. Some of the businessmen closed their stores until better times as the war started, some did not hesitate to brazenly raise prices. But there are those who, together with the Army, is doing everything to help Ukraine survive.

"Today, each of us is a warrior," said the President of Ukraine. "A warrior is in their place." Our Armed Forces are repelling Russia's invasion at the frontline. Territorial Defense Units help to defend their cities. Doctors rescue the wounded, conduct surgeries, and help women to deliver babies in bomb shelters. Journalists and users of social media work around the clock on the information front. Volunteers and caring people respond instantly to hundreds of social and humanitarian issues.

Ukrainian businesses also joined in saving the country.

In Mariupol, bakeries have baked 10 tons of bread and supplied water to residents. Entrepreneurs have united, delivering products to the army and retailers.

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A curfew lasted for a day and a half in Kyiv; all shops were closed. After this, the KyivKhlib bakery began distributing bread to people free of charge.

Mix-Mart retail chain has launched the Mix Mart Help volunteer program. On their own initiative, the boys and girls took over the supply of food for the military and civilians in Kyiv, who are now unable to reach the shops. On the first day of the program alone, 1,200 Kyivites received support.

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The KFC restaurants have opened kitchens for cooking for military hospitals, territorial defense, the military, and others in need. McDonald's also announced that in areas where it is safe for employees, it will give food to local authorities, which, in turn, distribute it where it is needed.

The ATB retail chain provided basements as bomb shelters for the locals. In addition, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of food to its stores, the ATB-Market company has formed a list of main stores, which will form the most complete range of food and basic necessities. The address of the nearest store can be found on the official website in the News section.

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In Kyiv, the MHP agro-industrial company distributed Nasha Ryaba meat for free. The whole car was distributed in an hour. Everyone could receive up to 2 packs of fillets and a pack of meat in the marinade. The company says that it is still ready to hand over Nasha Ryaba products free of charge to those who need them the most. These are, first of all, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense, hospitals, and refugees. Applications can be sent to [email protected].

It will help a lot if you could state the following in the request to MHP:

  1. name of the unit/organization/community
  2. address
  3. contact person and phone number
  4. possibility of self-pickup
  5. the approximate number of products
  6. desired type of product (chilled/frozen)

This will significantly speed up information processing and feedback.

Kherson curtain salon Ampir, having an equipped sewing shop, helps our wounded soldiers, who are now in hospitals, with clothes. They began to sew basic clothes for them: T-shirts, shorts, disposable shirts. Citizens, who were approached by the business owner through social media, help with the appropriate fabrics and working hands.

The largest cell operators, Lifecell, Kyivstar, and Vodafone Ukraine will provide services to subscribers who do not have money in their accounts. Operators also imposed their own sanctions against the aggressor; they blocked access to their networks for subscribers in Russia and Belarus.

бізнес допомога війна

Cash problems are relevant now for everyone. Huge queues at ATMs were also seen at Silpo. Therefore, now you can withdraw cash at the checkout in the stores of the Silpo retail chain. The limit has been increased to 6,000 hryvnias using Mastercard payment service. The opening hours of supermarkets on the official Silpo webpage are updated daily. During the air alarm, supermarkets do not work, all employees go to bomb shelters. After the alarm is canceled, the store opens and continues to operate.

Monobank has created a very simple page in English for those who want to help the Ukrainian Army in the war with Russia. They accept payments from any account in the world. You can also pay from Ukraine on this page. The link to transfer funds can be found here.

And not to forget the morale, now all the cards in the wallets of Apple/Google Pay customers of Monobank will look like this:

бізнес допомога війна

If you don't want to wait for the design to load automatically, add your card to Apple/Google Pay again.

Our people are invincible! Our strength is in unity!


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