Alpinism Day 10:05 08 Aug 2020

From heaps to Everest. Life rules of the first Ukrainian woman who conquered 7 highest mountains

And crossed the Bosphorus and proved that nothing is impossible. It will definitely inspirit you to your own feats!

Tetiana Yalovchak, the first Ukrainian record holder to conquer the seven highest mountains of seven continents, including Everest, crossed the Bosphorus, motivational speaker and author of the book "Conquer Your Everest"

Conquest of Everest is many people's goal, but not every person can do it. The highest peak in the world, where the almighty gods live according to local legends, is mysterious and relentless and it obeys only the most enduring and courageous, ready to overcome not only nature but themselves.

Tetiana Yalovchak, a record holder and author of the book "Conquer Your Everest", knows Mount Everest or "Mother Of The Universe" as Tibet people call it firsthand. She became the second Ukrainian to have the heart to climb the dangerous peak and the first to unfurl a Ukrainian rushnyk there.

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