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Timeline: day 17 of Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression (UPDATING)

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Today, March 12, is the 17th day of the Russian attack on Ukraine. We're reporting all the current events. The article will be constantly updated. 

What's today?

Key points.

More than 12,000 Russian servicemen were killed in Ukraine!

17 день війни

Operational information from the front at 06.00 12.03.2022:

  • The enemy, in the Polissia, Siverskyi, and Pivdennyi Buh operational areas, has heavy losses in manpower and equipment, has been stopped, and is trying to gain a foothold on the previously captured frontiers.
  • In the Donetsk direction, while trying to advance, the occupiers received a decent rebuff from the Ukrainian Defenders and were stopped in some directions, significantly reducing the pace of advance.
  • Since the beginning of hostilities, thirty-one battalion-tactical groups of the enemy operating on the territory of Ukraine have lost their combat capability.
  • The Armed Forces completely defeated the 488th Regiment from Briansk.

People's Deputy from the Servant of the People party Oleksandr Kunitskyi was detained at one of the checkpoints. He was filming a checkpoint on camera, which is now prohibited.

Ukraine shot down another plane of the occupiers! The air defense forces neutralized the Russian Su-34 aircraft. A Siverskyi separate tank brigade wrote this on Facebook.

The only direction where the enemy is trying to move forward is the Joint Forces Operation zone: Severodonetsk, Volnovakha, Mariupol. In the rest of the territory, the enemy is exhausted and doesn't have the resources to attack, Arestovych said in today's video.

For the first time in a long time, Zelenskнy voiced Ukraine's military losses. "We have lost about 1,300 servicemen," said the President of Ukraine.

The State Security Service of Ukraine intercepted conversations between the occupiers: in Kharkiv, they were ordered to shoot at civilians. This is how the true face of "peacekeepers" is revealed.

Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President, Mykhailo Podoliak, reports that talks with the Russian delegation are ongoing in video format. Special working subgroups have been created.

Humanitarian corridors

The Ukrainian side agreed upon "green corridors" for civilians with the occupiers on March 12 in the Sumy region:

  • Trostianets – Poltava
  • Sumy – Poltava
  • Lebedin – Poltava
  • Konotop – Poltava
  • Velyka Pisarivka – Poltava
  • Krasnopillia – Poltava

Follow the official announcements!

A green corridor has been opened from Zaporizhzhia to Mariupol. A humanitarian convoy left in the morning. More than 90 tons of food and medicine are going to the city, which has been under blockade for 11 days. The clergy of the Orthodox Church took the initiative to personally accompany the humanitarian convoy. Everything for 400,000 Mariupol residents to receive long-awaited and critical help!

The mayor of Enerhodar announced that the humanitarian corridor for leaving for Zaporizhzhia will start at 9:00. The column will leave the ZAZ plant via Vasylivka for Polohy. Currently, Polohy is controlled by the Russians.

The mayor of Irpin announced that the evacuation of the population begins at 10.00.

Place – Romanivka

Today, residents of Bucha and Vorzel can join their cars on the following routes:

  • Mykulychi-Nemishaievo-Vorzel-Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka-Bilohorodka
  • Hostomel- Bucha- Mykhailivka- Rubezhivka- Bilohorodka.

Tell family, friends, neighbors! If the car has a place, take away those who need it!

Nuclear energy

The IAEA said that the transfer of data from monitoring systems at the Zaporizhzhia NPP has resumed. The system still doesn't work at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant!

Currently, the occupiers use the Zaporizhzhia NPP as a military base. About 500 Russian soldiers with machine guns and about 50 units of equipment are still on the site.

In the afternoon, 11 civilians from Rosatom arrived at the Zaporizhzhia NPP. According to a representative of this group, they were sent to assess nuclear and radiation safety after the shelling and seizure of the station, as well as to provide assistance with repairs. Another reason for their appearance is the refusal of the pro-Ukrainian leadership and ZNPP personnel to cooperate with the invaders.

The burning of radioactive forests or the use of artillery at a nuclear repository: Defense Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Budanov said that Russia was considering two options for nuclear blackmail.

Who's coming to Ukraine? 

About financial aid, weapons, and volunteer fighters

17 день війна

German railways have opened a "railway bridge of aid" to besieged Kyiv. The first train of 15 cars left tonight and carried 350 tons of food, basic necessities and hygiene, clothing, and baby food. It is planned that the train will run regularly.

The West is discussing the possibility of transferring air defense and other weapons to Ukraine. In particular, Kyiv expects to receive S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, The Washington Post reported.

Azerbaijan will send 380 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including food, medicine, and medical supplies.

During the week, Airbnb users booked accommodation in Ukraine for 434 thousand nights. This has brought $15 million in aid to Ukrainian families affected by the Russian invasion.

The first consignment of humanitarian aid from the Chinese Red Cross Society has been delivered to Ukraine, China Daily reports.

Biden has issued a memorandum on providing Ukraine with military assistance of up to $200 million.

More great and various sanctions!

Instagram will be officially blocked throughout Russia starting on March 14, the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri confirmed. And we have already had the opportunity to admire the hysteria of Russian Instagram users, who are deprived not only of earnings but also "their life."

And LINX (London Internet Exchange) has confirmed the disconnection of key Russian providers (Rostelecom and Megafon) from the point of international traffic exchange. Now the traffic will go through Asia, which will increase delays and create lags for the Russians.

And yesterday the yacht of the Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko was arrested in Italy. It is considered the largest sailing yacht in the world: 143 meters long and 25 wide.

In total, Russia lost $30 billion of its GDP in the two weeks of the war against Ukraine. This is perhaps the worst fall since the crisis of the 90s.

Russia's isolation is growing. Canada has imposed restrictions on 32 defense companies and five current and former Russian officials and supporters of the Russian regime. In particular, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich came under sanctions.

And the European Union plans to deprive Mordor of the right to membership in leading financial institutions, including the IMF and the World Bank.

The EU has seized $415 billion in gold and foreign exchange reserves from Russia's central bank. Ukraine hopes that these funds will help rebuild everything destroyed by the Russians.

Netflix CFO Spencer Neumann spoke about the decision to leave the Russian market, saying that Russia is an uninhabitable territory, and in financial terms, it accounted for only 1% of Netflix's total revenue. He also clarified that it was not even about money, but about morality.

PayPal will block all e-wallets of Russians from March 18.

President Zelenskyy spoke about the sanctions today: "We offered to freeze the assets of the Russians earlier. If it had worked preventively, there would have been no war, although there is no absolute certainty. I don't see how difficult it was to impose these sanctions before the war. I don't understand how bad it would affect them. And I will probably never understand that again."

What's in Russia?

Russia has begun mobilization in the self-proclaimed "L/DPR" and the occupied Crimea. The aggressor lacks people on all fronts, and Putin is afraid to announce total mobilization in Russia.

Russia, with the help of the Serbian airline, is avoiding bans on flights to the EU. We hope that this gap will be closed soon.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the podcast "What Happened" is gaining popularity, about survival strategies in the event of landslide impoverishment.

Orcs are inventing new threats. Roskosmos Space Agency has begun threatening the world with the fall of the ISS if sanctions are not lifted from Russia. And you, Russians, continue "not to look up."

Units of Russian troops were instructed to move to "self-sufficiency." That is to take away everything necessary from the local population and to rob warehouses, shops, drugstores. And we remind you that now every Ukrainian has the right by law to kill the enemy wherever they meet him.

What can we hear about Belarus?

In the Belarusian city of Mozyr, a morgue is jammed with corpses of Russian occupiers, which are decomposing and stinking unbearably.

Rotation at the border: Belarus has announced that it will send five battalion tactical groups to the border with Ukraine to replace the military currently stationed there.

According to the Center for Information Security, the Belarusian military categorically refuses to participate in the war against Ukraine. To quell military protests, the command began appointing Russian officers to senior positions in the army.

News from abroad

Turkey has said it will not support sanctions against Russia and will remain on the side of diplomacy.

Germany plans to become independent of Russian coal by the fall and almost independent of Russian oil by the end of the year.

The Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan stated that the country has sufficient gas reserves to supply Europe, and is ready to increase gas supplies to neighboring countries if necessary.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett had advised President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to "accept Russia's terms for ending the war and surrender." Soon, both official Kyiv and the Israeli prime minister denied this information. A spokesperson for the Israeli chancellery said Bennet could not advise Zelenskyy to agree to any terms with the Kremlin, as he had not received any specific terms or proposals from Putin during his mediation efforts.

Obviously, the trial layer of groping in Ukraine was unsuccessful.

The army, which lost a third of its equipment, is unusable, said Carl Bildt, co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations. By the way, Russia has already "said goodbye" to a quarter of its military equipment in Ukraine.

And this is Helsinki. Thousands rally in support of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Scholz and Macron, in a conversation with Putin pointed to the need for a ceasefire in Ukraine and the search for a diplomatic solution, according to the German government.

Azerbaijan has expressed readiness to hold a meeting between Russia and Ukraine. This was stated by Azerbaijani President's assistant Hikmet Hajiyev to journalists in Antalya. According to him, such a proposal has already been made by the Ukrainian side.

The Vatican is also ready to do "everything possible" to help achieve a ceasefire and mediate in ending the war in Ukraine on the alert. As Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin said in an interview with Vatican News, the Holy See is "ready for any mediation."

Life considering hostilities

Which administrative services are currently suspended or not working:

17 день війна

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes that the Verkhovna Rada abolish the excise tax on fuel and reduce the VAT rate from 20% to 7%.

Now the Cabinet of Ministers has launched a program to evacuate private enterprises from the country's "hot spots" to the western regions. Applications for evacuation have already been submitted by 200 Ukrainian companies, some of which are already in the process of relocation.

Ukrainians are asked to pay by card, not cash, so as not to add work to collectors. This was announced on his Facebook page by Deputy Chairperson of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksii Shaban. "Some of the collectors were drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Some of the armored vehicles were handed over to the military. Therefore, the banks have fewer opportunities to perform collection work without interruption," said Oleksii Shaban.

At least, the educational process should start in 14 regions, the Ministry of Education and Science reports. Where exactly children will be able to attend school again, read here.

A new road sign has appeared in Ukraine.

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine provides advice on how to act in case of a house being blocked.

It is not always possible to reach a shelter when an air alert is on. In this case, it is better to hide between two walls in an apartment or house.

In case of blockage of the house, we present the procedure according to the advice of the SES of Ukraine:

1. Try to release your arms and legs.

2. Assess the surrounding situation.

3. Carefully disassemble the blockage. Do not touch what is holding everything.

4. If you are not confident in your abilities, call for help.

5. If possible, call, knock on the pipes.

6. If possible, give yourself first aid.

7. Try to cover yourself with something so as not to lose heat and wait for help.

An NFT project to help children affected by the war has been launched in Ukraine today. Thousands of children's drawings will be made into a collage, which will be put up for charity auction at the NFT marketplace. Funds from it will be transferred to a fund to help children affected by the war.


In the village of Kvitneve, Brovary district, as a result of the shelling, a fire broke out in a warehouse for frozen products. There are no previous victims.

Vasylkiv burns after airstrike too. The occupiers hit the oil depot.

17 день війни

The tense situation persists in the Bucha and Brovary districts of the Kyiv region. In Irpin, near Hostomel, there's fighting. In Brovary and Vyshhorod districts, shelling of settlements;

An explosion took place in Kyiv's Podilskyi district of the capital, as a result of which the Oshchadbank's premises caught fire. It has been previously established that an unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down at the specified address. Ukrainian air defense works!

On the morning of March 12, Russian invaders fired on the Bilohorodka community in the Kyiv region from the Grad missile systems. As a result of the attack, two people were killed, and another was injured, according to the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

Today, the most intense destinations in the Kyiv region are Irpin – Bucha – Hostomel, Makariv, Zhytomyr highway, and the north of Vyshhorod district. The population is currently being evacuated. Humanitarian aid was sent to all 7 districts of the Kyiv region.

Today it became known that the Russians shot a convoy of women and children in the Kyiv region. It happened on March 11, during an attempt to evacuate from the village of Peremoha (Baryshiv district, Kyiv region) towards the village of Hostroluchcha along the agreed "green" corridor. The result of this brutal act is seven dead. One of them is a child. The exact number of wounded is currently unknown. After the shooting, the occupiers forced the remnants of the convoy to return to the village of Peremoha and didn't let them out of the village. At present, it is almost impossible to establish contact with them, as well as provide humanitarian and medical assistance. According to international humanitarian law, this is a war crime.


In the Kharkiv region, the search for the dead and wounded as a result of enemy bombing continues on the night of March 9-10. On March 11, rescuers pulled the bodies of five people, two of them children, from the rubble.

Meanwhile, Kharkiv's utility service heroes continue their work and even clear the roads of snow.

The photo above shows the consequences of the shelling of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Karazin Kharkiv University. Broken audiences, gym. Photo by the head of the laboratory of the faculty Valentin Bobkov.

Today Russian non-humans aimed at the Sheveliovka Children's Rehabilitation Center, Kharkiv Region. The arrival of the artillery was recorded there.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Russian fighter jet with a portable ADMS. It was downed in the Kharkiv region, and fell in the Belgorod region of Russia, said the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Sinehubov.

Dnipropetrovsk region

Explosions were heard in the morning in Dnipro, Vasylkiv, and Kropyvnytskyi.

A unit of the Dnipro Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade destroyed an enemy cruise missile over Dnipro.

Donetsk and Luhansk regions

In Mariupol at night, the Ukrainian military almost completely destroyed one battalion tactical group of the 102nd Regiment of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division of the Russian Armed Forces.

In the old districts of Severodonetsk, it's loud from enemy shelling from 06:30 until now. The number of victims in the housing sector is being clarified, said the head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Serhii Haidai

The shelling of Rubizhnyi continues. Too many fires due to shelling.

14:00 – The occupiers captured the eastern outskirts of Mariupol, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said.

Russian fascists again fired on a mosque in Mariupol, where about a hundred people are hiding, including Turkish citizens.

"The city of Volnovakha no longer actually exists. The occupiers completely destroyed the city's infrastructure, and the majority of the population was evacuated," said Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

Mykolaiv and region

The Head of the Mykolaiv regional department of the Ministry of Health Maksym Beznosenko reported that an oncology hospital was fired at in the city. "If Russia sees cancer patients as an equal opponent who poses a threat, it is not just sick, it is already in agony."

The Armed Forces give a decent answer to the scum: in Mykolaiv, the occupiers are retreating and shooting. Two people were injured, the Head of the Mykolaiv regional state administration Kim.

In the Bashtanka district, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to push out the Russian occupation forces into a "ring." The information was confirmed by a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, the Ukrainian military destroyed the pontoon crossing and trapped the occupiers between the two routes without the ability to move. At the same time, Ukrainian artillery is working on the positions of the Russians.

Near Mykolaiv, invaders brought mobilized people from ORDLO. "They are not soldiers… they say we want to go home. They say we will get on foot, but the barricades are interfering," said Vitalii Kim. As it was reported, in detachments of Russians, there are Kadyrovites.

From Stalin's methods, the occupiers took not only the idea of barricades. In the photo below, a Russian grenade launcher is chained to a pole. He was chained by his own people so that he would not desert. He froze to death.

Kropyvnytskyi and region

There were several explosions in the Kirovohrad region. According to preliminary information, the airport in Kropyvnytskyi and Kanatove was bombed.

Zaporizhzhia and region

Numerous rallies of citizens gathered in occupied Melitopol. People are demanding the release of the mayor, who was abducted the day before by the occupiers. Yesterday, the enemy detained the mayor in the city crisis center, where he was dealing with the livelihood of Melitopol. It is reported that the occupiers kidnapped Olha Haisumova, an activist protesting against the occupation, right at the rally.

15:00 – Russian fascists in Melitopol blocked the humanitarian headquarters, where locals came before the occupation for food, clothing, and medicine. At present, they cannot get help, according to local media.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, an enemy tank crushed a car with civilians, killing two men and a child who burned in a car. The time will come and Russian barbarians will be held accountable for every life and every crime.

Chernihiv region

In Chernihiv, the occupiers continue to fight civilian targets. At night, they bombed the Ukraina Hotel, which was one of the city's hallmarks.

The answer was not long in coming: in the Chernihiv region, the Ukrainian military destroyed the enemy howitzer Mista-S.

20:00 – in the Chernihiv region, the Ukrainian military liberated two more settlements, didn't allow the enemy to establish a pontoon crossing, and restrained the intentions of the occupiers to advance towards Kyiv. They also captured more than 10 units of enemy military equipment.

Sumy and region

In the Sumy region, the territorial defense barehanded neutralized three Russian tanks and one self-propelled artillery.

At about 4:45 a.m. on March 12, Russian military aircraft dropped five bombs near Sumy State University. The glass was broken in all buildings of SSU.

The university library suffered the most from the airstrike.

And in Trostianets, while the population was being evacuated, criminals from the Russian army robbed an ambulance station. They stole 5 cars, including 3 ambulances, medicines, and equipment. They also attacked the building of the city council, the police, the palace of children and youth, said the mayor of Trostianets Yurii Bova.


In Zhytomyr, fraudsters who call themselves employees of the water supply company have become more active. They come to the houses and ask the citizens to hand over the funds for the repair of water pipes. Zhytomyrvodokanal Municipal Enterprise reports about this on its Facebook page.

Kherson region

Together we are a force! Two retirees from Mala Kardashynka, who previously worked in the gas industry, began repairing the gas pipeline in the villages themselves. They were later joined by residents of the villages of Kardashynka and Kokhany. In total, the men managed to repair the gas supply in four villages.

In Kherson, on the premises of SBU, occupiers hung out the Russian flag and the flag of the city of Kherson. Let's see how long the orc rag hangs there.

In the Kherson region, the invaders are preparing a referendum on the creation of the Kherson People's Republic. "The occupiers are calling the deputies of the Kherson Regional Council to ask if we are ready to cooperate with them. I flatly refused," the People's Deputy Serhii Khlan wrote on the page on Facebook and called on all deputies of the Kherson regional council not to give to occupiers any vote.

20:00 – "This is complete fiction": Kuleba called for tough sanctions for trying to "referendum" in Kherson.

But in Kherson, people don't give up. They continue to protest against the Russian occupiers. Despite the tanks with the Russians, their attacks, provocations, and intimidation. People protest every day. Because Kherson is Ukraine!

In the Kherson region, in the temporarily occupied Henichesk, Mayor Oleksandr Tulupov, his deputies, the secretary of the council, and the person in charge of the executive committee, resigned. The relevant statement was published on the official website of the Henichesk City Council. Oleksandr Tulupov called the day difficult and said that the city authorities were put in such conditions when they could not work and exercise their powers as representatives of the Ukrainian local government.
It is likely that the occupiers are already preparing for the release of officials of their protégés.

Two occupying helicopters shot down over the Skadovsk district of the Kherson region. One of the pilots survived and was taken to hospital. And it would be better to go to hell right away.


In one and a half days, volunteers raised UAH 14,000 to buy a batch of bread. But when the Odesa bakery plant learned that the products would be humanitarian aid, they made loaves for free.

In Odesa, they installed the first Starlink satellite terminals provided by Elon Musk to Ukraine for access to satellite Internet in the event of problems with access to the traditional Internet. "Now we are not afraid that they may cut down the Internet in our headquarters," said the deputy of the Odesa City Council, Petro Obukhov.

It is reported that 600 Russian Marines staged a riot near Odesa and refused to go to war against Ukraine.

Western Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, about 6,000 trucks with humanitarian cargo have been imported to Ukraine across the border in the Lviv region. This was announced during a briefing by Deputy Head of the Lviv Regional Military Yurii Buchko. Currently, the procedure for importing humanitarian aid has been simplified.

Arestovych appealed to the residents and businesses of Western Ukraine, where there is currently no fighting, to restore the work of at least small shops and businesses. According to him, the Russians have been stopped almost everywhere; they are not going anywhere, so it's time to restart the economy and return to normal life.

In the Rivne region, above the city of Sarny, a few tens of kilometers from Belarus, shot down an enemy UAV. This was announced by the head of the district military administration Oleksandr Kokhan. "There is no need to worry, there is no threat to the population," the official wrote on his Facebook page.

And in the neighboring region, "Denazification" was carried out in Volyn style. By order of the head of the Volyn Regional Military Administration, 23 Belarusian and Russian trucks were taken away at the border in the Volyn region and nationalized. The occupiers' trucks went in favor of the Ukrainian army.


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