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Solutions to win: Ukrainian developers unveil new multifunctional robotics platform "Mangust"

Photo: Mangust

A team of Ukrainian developers has unveiled the versatile robotic platform Mangust. It can perform various logistic tasks, act as a kamikaze drone, and even engage in remote mining operations.

The developers uploaded a video showcasing Mangust's capabilities on YouTube.

What is the problem?

One of the most horrific aspects of war is the significant loss of human lives. The value of each soldier's life cannot be measured, making any efforts towards their protection a top priority.

One of the projects involves automating specific tasks that soldiers currently carry out. Robots would be responsible for safely transporting ammunition and supplies to high-risk areas for the fighters.

What is the solution?

A team of Ukrainian developers has created a versatile robotic platform, Mangust, which can handle logistical tasks, conduct remote mining, and even function as a kamikaze drone.

How does it work?

The project brings together engineers from the renowned Mangust company, which designs buggies for multiple uses. The Mangust four-wheeled platform boasts exceptional off-road capabilities thanks to its unique suspension system.

Main characteristics of Mangust:

  • Dimensions: 1000x1050x900 mm;
  • Weight: 135 kg;
  • Maximum speed: 10 km/h;
  • Cruising speed: 7 km/h;
  • Battery life: 6 hours;
  • Video transmission distance: up to 500 m;
  • Control range: up to 2 km;
  • Antenna height: 4.25 m.

The Mangust is designed to install two TM-62 anti-tank mines using special locks at both the front and back.

In addition, the platform can be equipped with a container for transporting ammunition, provisions, or other useful cargo.

For reference:

It's important to mention that the Brave1 defense cluster team developed the D-21-11 universal robot, which has an automatic turret and can carry out combat missions.

Rubryka also reported that in Zaporizhzhia, engineers and students of the "School of Robotics" created a robot sapper for the needs of Ukraine's armed forces and emergency workers.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian Brave1 cluster for military technology development has introduced a new ground-based kamikaze robot known as the Ratel S. This cutting-edge technology enables the targeting of enemy installations from a secure distance.

Also, the first recruiting center of the Special Operation Forces opened in Kyiv.

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