13:26 08 Apr 2024

Ukrainian hackers target Russian data centers of military industry, Rosneft and Gazprom enterprises

Ukrainian hackers, supposedly connected to the Ukrainian Security Service [SBU—ed.], have taken down the OwenCloud data center. This data center was utilized by the Russian military-industrial complex and significant Russian corporations such as Gazprom, Lukoil, and Telecom.

Hromadske reports this.

Hromadske, referring to its source informed about the details of Ukrainian cyber operations, writes that  more than 10,000 companies kept their data in the OwenCloud.ru cloud service, including:

  • enterprises of the Russian military industry,
  • oil and gas,
  • metallurgical,
  • aerospace complexes,
  • telecommunications giants.

Some of the companies are "The Uralsky Civil Aviation Plant," "Research and production enterprise RUBIN" (a subsidiary of Roselectronics Holding), "Uralsky Special Equipment Plant," "Gazprom," "Transgaz," "Lukoil," "Rosneft," "Norilsk Nickel," "Rostelecom," "Telecom," and "Megafon."

According to the source, the operation was a collaboration between the Ukrainian hacker group BLACKJACK and the SBU's cyber department. They were able to eliminate over 300 terabytes of data.

These 400 virtual and 42 physical servers hosted internal documentation, backup copies, and other programs through which clients remotely managed production processes at enterprises.

According to an interviewee of Hromadske, the collapse of the Russian cloud service was a response to the assault on the Ukrainian data center "Parkovy" in January of this year.

For reference:

Ever since the full-scale war started, Ukrainian hackers have been targeting the websites of major Russian banks and government agencies. The websites of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Roskomnadzor, and Rosaviatsia have all been temporarily shut down due to these cyber attacks. Additionally, large state-owned [read: propaganda – ed.] media outlets have also been affected and are currently not functioning due to the impact of these hacker attacks.

Thus, during the week from March 11 to 18 this year, Ukrainian spies and activists carried out several cyber attacks on Russian facilities.

As reported earlier by Rubryka, cyber experts from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense successfully carried out a special operation against Russia, gaining access to the Russian Ministry of Defense's servers through a DDoS attack.

Thanks to the successful operation of Ukraine's intelligence, the Ukrainian special service now has software to protect and encrypt information, along with a trove of confidential official documents from Russia's defense ministry. The Russian Ministry of Defense utilized this software.

The Ukrainian IT army recently paralyzed the work of the Russian enterprise management system 1C-Rarus.

It was also reported that the Ukrainian IT Army hacked the Russian cloud service Bitrix24, which is used by the largest sponsoring companies of Russia's war against Ukraine, including the Rosneft corporation.

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