18:58 21 Mar 2024

Anti-Putin mercenaries aim to eliminate Kremlin regime with assault operations

Фото: РДК

The downfall of Putin's regime in Russia is the ultimate goal of the volunteer corps.

Their primary task is to help Ukrainian troops, the mercenaries said during press conference with RBC-Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the Russian Volunteer Corps said that their primary task is to help the Ukrainian forces win the war.

"The second goal is to continue our liberation campaign, to put the flag of the RVC over the wall, over the white house and to deconstruct the regime that is strangling our homeland, this is our goal, we will pursue it even after we win this war, for the RVC the war will continue."

A representative of the Siberian Battalion said that Russian groups have a common opinion on the dismantling of the government.

The Freedom of Russia Legion, in turn, reminded that, in addition to the three units, fighters from Ichkerian units also took part in the raid on Russian territory.

According to the speaker, their goal was to liberate Chechnya from Ramzan Kadyrov's clan.

Soldiers of the Legion have repeatedly conducted raids near Russia.

For example, on March 12, the Russian Freedom Legion and the Siberian Battalion launched a new raid and entered the Belgorod region.

On March 21, Russian volunteers said that the Russian army had lost more than 1,500 occupants in killed and wounded as a result of their raid. The fighters also managed to destroy and damage 171 pieces of Russian military equipment.


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