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Russian volunteer fighters take control of village in Russia's Kursk region

Photo: RIA Novosti

The "Freedom of Russia" Legion announced that their volunteer fighters who fighting on Ukraine's side in the full-scale war, have taken control of the village of Tetkino in the Kursk Oblast as part of their military operation on Russian territory.

The settlement is "completely under the control of Russian liberation forces," Rubryka reports.

They added:

"The Putin army is swiftly leaving the village, abandoning positions and leaving behind heavy equipment."

Earlier, fighters claimed to have destroyed a Russian army armored personnel carrier in this village. Before that, the legion documented how the equipment set fire to a residential building using incendiary rounds.

The "Freedom of Russia" Legion has conducted multiple raids near the Russian Federation. They have maintained control of territories and encountered Russian military forces.

On March 12, the "Freedom of Russia" Legion and the "Siberian Battalion" began a new raid and entered the Belgorod Oblast. Specifically, they are advancing on tanks in multiple directions.

"We will reclaim our land inch by inch. Russians will sleep peacefully, open their doors without fear, and speak their minds without hesitation. Russians will vote for whoever they want, not who they're told to. Russians will live freely," the legion declared.

Meanwhile, local residents panic. Currently, there is fighting in border areas of the Belgorod Oblast. Russian volunteers have entered the territory of the Belgorod Oblast. Residents of the Kursk Oblast report gunfire near the village of Tetkino.

Russian volunteers are actively posting messages. They announced that they are "going to the polls" and "will do everything to move Putin from Novo-Ogaryovo to Polar Wolf."

In turn, a representative of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence, Andrii Yusov, stated that fighters in Russia are acting as independent units and, presumably, a joint operation is underway.

The Defense Intelligence Directorate also commented on the weapons of Russian volunteers who breached the Russian Federation border on March 12. They explained the "phenomenon" of such raids, which are not happening for the first time.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense followed the usual scenario, only mentioning "attempts" of invasion by volunteer forces onto Russian territory. They have already found the "guilty parties" and reported on the "repulsion" of volunteers and the "elimination" of dozens of them.

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