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Over 150 cities worldwide rally to support Ukraine's fight against Russian aggression

Rallies took place in over 150 cities across the USA, Europe, and other countries, urging people to maintain their belief in Ukraine and stand behind the Ukrainian people in their battle against the Russian aggressor.

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On the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, thousands of people unfurled Ukrainian flags in the capitals of major countries to remind the world and their governments of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Washington, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Sydney, Berlin, London, Istanbul, and Rio supported the call "Believe in Ukraine" – a worldwide campaign initiated by the KLYCH NGO with the support of Communities Army of Ukraine, Nova Ukraine, Razom for Ukraine and dozens of other organizations around the world.

The campaign's primary goal is to attract to the actions not only representatives of the Ukrainian community but also people of the world who stand for democracy and truth and believe in Ukrainian victory, uniting around this slogan with faith and love in their hearts. Only light will defeat darkness!

"We are very grateful to all partners, to every Ukrainian and Ukrainian abroad who came to the actions. We are very proud to be able to say over and over again that the world is not tired of the war and is ready to help Ukraine. We are sure that victory will come when we all cooperate together."

During these ten years, Ukraine proved to the whole world its ability and desire for freedom and independence, its desire to build and defend democracy. The world saw Ukraine's authentic culture and our genuine courage. The world is brave together with Ukraine and continues to believe in Ukraine.

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According to the press secretary of the President of Ukraine, Serhiy Nikiforov, many visits of leaders from other countries to Ukraine were expected on February 24.

Thus, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Russian Federation's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, arrived in Kyiv for an official visit.

In addition to the president of the European Commission, three other leaders of Western countries came to visit the capital of Ukraine.

To show solidarity with Ukraine on the occasion of the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the following leaders visited the country:

  • Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy;
  • Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada;
  • Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium.

In addition, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, came to Kyiv.

It was also reported that on the eve of the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian aggression, as a sign of solidarity, the buildings of the leading institutions of the European Union were illuminated with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

In addition, on the eve of the second anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, actions were held in Europe in support of the Ukrainian people, who are fighting against the occupying forces of the Russian Federation. In Brussels, Ukrainian flags were hung in front of the European Parliament, and a 30-meter flag was unfurled.

Also, more than 30 world stars and UNITED 24 ambassadors addressed the Ukrainians with words of support.

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