20:58 20 Feb 2024

"If there had been no Russian aggression against Ukraine, this problem would not have arisen at all": Duda comments on Ukraine-Poland border blockade

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the blocking of the Polish-Ukrainian border was caused primarily by Russian aggression and expressed hope that the conflict would be resolved through tripartite negotiations.

Duda said this in an interview with "Ukrainian Radio."

"This is a complicated problem because the problem with Ukrainian food has existed from the very beginning. It started because of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Let's remember that it is the Russian aggression against Ukraine that is to blame for everything, and not someone else. If there had been no Russian aggression against Ukraine, this problem would not have arisen at all. The problem is that Russia attacked Ukraine," he said.

Duda emphasized that Poles have the right to protest, and if this protest is legal, the authorities will protect it. At the same time, he noted that blocking the border is only the farmers' decision, not the Polish government's.

The President of Poland also expressed hope that the conflict will be resolved peacefully.

"Some time ago, we had protests by drivers, trade unions, as well as associations of truck drivers. This protest was stopped precisely due to negotiations with the authorities and agreements reached; one might say, in the tripartite formula Poland – Ukraine – drivers. I hope that in the same way, it will be possible to solve this issue peacefully through negotiations," he said.

For reference:

As previously reported by Rubryka, on February 20, Polish protesters began stricter restrictions on movement near six checkpoints on the Ukraine border. In some of them, not only trucks are blocked.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on the Polish authorities to provide a legal assessment of the actions of the participants of the protest actions, to ensure the unblocking of the border, and to take measures to stop anti-Ukrainian rhetoric.

The protest of Polish farmers on the Ukrainian border can be extended for another month – until April. Roman Kondrov, the leader of the "Pidkarpatsky Deceived Village," stated this.

In turn, on February 20, Ukrainian transporters started peaceful action near the "Rava-Ruska-Grebenne," "Krakivets-Korchova," and "Shehyni-Medyka" railway stations. This is a response to the blockade of checkpoints by Polish protesters.

On the evening of February 20, Polish protesters simplified the crossing of the border for transport in some areas.


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