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Solutions to win: 10-year-old volunteer from Vinnytsia buys drone for Ukraine's armed forces

Photo: Facebook/ Inna Suvertok

Sviatoslav, a 10-year-old volunteer from Vinnytsia, purchased an FPV drone for the Ukrainian military with the proceeds from the sale of self-harvested flower and vegetable seeds.

Rubryka writes about this, referring to the Facebook page of his grandmother, social activist Inna Suvertok.

"We did it and are moving on. Sviatik [short form of the name "Sviatoslav" – ed.] has an FPV drone in his hands, which will be handed over to our soldiers in a few days," Suvertok wrote.

дрон для ЗСУ.

Photo: Facebook / Inna Suvertok

As the grandmother pointed out, Sviatoslav isn't just stopping there. He still has some seeds left:

  • tomatoes,
  • peppers,
  • and marigolds.

It was through selling these seeds that he was able to earn his first drone for the army.

дрон для ЗСУ.

Photo: Facebook / Inna Suvertok

The boy will now offer mallow and hibiscus seeds to those willing to help the defenders by purchasing them from him.

For reference:

In May of 2022, a volunteer and activist named Victoria Shvartskop from Rozhyshche witnessed a performance by Ukrainian children who sang with both Ukrainian and Polish flags. They were raising money for the needs of defenders. As a result, the total amount raised by the "Banderivtsy" meetings surpassed 900,000 hryvnias and is quickly approaching the one million mark for Ukraine's armed forces.

Rubryka also mentioned that the 9-year-old daughter of a fallen soldier had already raised over 100,000 hryvnias by playing the piano outdoors.

Rubryka asked the psychologist for advice on supporting and inspiring children in their desire to help Ukraine achieve victory. The article also explores ways to protect children from disappointment and suggests examples of safe and helpful ways for them to contribute to the country's armed forces. Read more in our article: "Children helping Ukrainian Armed Forces: how to support and inspire a child?"

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