Vinnytsia region

15 mar, 09:43

Russian drone strikes apartment building in Vinnytsia region

5 mar, 15:48

Vinnytsia young teachers and students are developing youth movement to preserve their native village

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5 mar, 15:25

Vinnytsia veteran shatters personal record with prosthetic in Tokyo marathon

8 feb, 08:23

Russia launches overnight drone attack on Ukraine: major cities report damage to civilian infrastructure

5 feb, 15:55

Solutions from Ukraine: Vinnytsia students create vitamin kits to support defenders

5 feb, 11:50

Ukraine's Vinnytsia region debuts social adaptation service for veterans and their family members

28 jan, 15:22

Solutions to win: 10-year-old volunteer from Vinnytsia buys drone for Ukraine's armed forces

10 jan, 22:55

Solutions to win: Vinnytsia donates Ukrainian-made thermal imagers to military

5 jan, 16:30

14 Vinnytsia communities join forces to mass-produce mobile bath and laundry complexes for Ukrainian soldiers

13 oct, 16:08

Ukrainian volunteers start classes on digital literacy for elderly people in Vinnytsia

22 sep, 13:30

Solutions to win: Ukrainian Krendt manufacturer unveils ultralight demining vehicle for army

15 sep, 08:25

Russian drones attack western regions of Ukraine

1 sep, 09:00

Russian troops attack Ukraine with two Kalibr cruise missiles: one hits civilian facility

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21 aug, 15:58

Displaced Ukrainians have self-funded and built apartment building for 105 families

27 jul, 15:31

New life in abandoned houses and transformation of common space: a community in Vinnytsia built shelters for displaced people

26 jul, 17:33

Vinnytsia air defense forces successfully intercept two Russian Kalibr missiles

27 jun, 12:09

Work for IDPs: five Ukrainian initiatives that help displaced people find job opportunities

14 apr, 15:06

Ukrainian NGO building sustainable housing for displaced in Vinnytsia region

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