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Fifth wave of children’s aid project completed: 10,000 kids aged 1–2 receive kits

In January 2024, the BGV Charity Fund, in collaboration with German donors — the dm-drogerie markt pharmacy chain and the non-profit organization #WeAreAllUkrainians — and with the support of the Biosphere Corporation, the Bübchen brand, and the British charity foundation Eneida, concluded the fifth wave of the children assistance project. Within the fifth stage of the initiative, benefactors assembled 10,000 kits, each including over 15 essential items for children, such as clothing, hygiene and cosmetic baby care products, diapers, household chemicals, toys, and developmental books.

The project's logistics partner, Nova Poshta, funded the delivery of all kits to families at their nearest branches across Ukraine (excluding temporarily occupied territories). Within just the fifth wave of the charity project, 10,000 families with children aged 1–2 received assistance.

Overall, over the five phases of the project, 50,000 Ukrainian children — 26,049 boys and 23,951 girls — have received kits with needed items from the BGV Charity Fund and its partners. The aid covered 3,396 settlements (cities, towns, and villages) in Ukraine across 23 regions.

During the project, the BGV fund received the highest number of applications from the following five regions: Kyiv – 7,752; Dnipropetrovsk – 4,763; Rivne – 3,689; Odesa – 3,008, and Lviv – 2,988.

The project started with the first wave of assistance to infants in June 2022. At that time, the first 10,000 families received over $1 million worth of items for newborns.

The project for newborns is one of the most extensive and longest-lasting initiatives, covering a broad ecosystem of partners, international logistics, and technical solutions. Specifically for the project, the BGV fund's team developed its IT platform with a range of automated processes and integrations into partner systems to make submitting information for parents to participate in the project as safe and convenient as possible. So, moms and dads from any corner of Ukraine could quickly fill out a short online application on the website, providing information about their child and adding necessary documents, and pick up the aid in the nearest Nova Poshta branch within two weeks.

As part of quality monitoring, the BGV fund's team also conducted surveys among participating families to gather feedback on the charity initiative, logistic processes, and kit contents. The team distributed 25,000 questionnaires, with 3,813 moms and dads participating in the survey. According to the poll results, 90% of parents highly appreciated the charity initiative and the kit contents. 95% of respondents mentioned that receiving the kit was straightforward and convenient, making them entirely satisfied with the organization and logistics of the project.

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