15:26 16 Jan 2024

Czech Republic offers Ukraine nuclear expert support

The Czech Republic considers the Ukraine Peace Formula as the only acceptable plan to end the war and has offered assistance in evaluating the protection of nuclear facilities. 

This statement was made by Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Jan Marian, who participated in the discussion of the plan in Davos, Switzerland, Rubryka reports.

"President Zelensky's peace plan is the only plan that the Czech Republic can consider," said the diplomat.

He mentioned that his country supports specific steps, such as those taken in the Nuclear Safety Group, of which the country is a co-chair. In this way, the Czech Republic offers its expertise to Ukraine with the protection of nuclear facilities, preparing the country for situations when peaceful negotiations with Russia take place.

Marian also said Czechia would be involved in organizing events where experts from relevant countries will participate.

He stressed that supporting the Ukrainian peace plan would also be the subject of further negotiations, not only at the level of deputy heads of foreign ministries or security advisers but also involving prime ministers and presidents.

The possibilities of implementing President Volodymyr Zelensky's Peace Formula were the topic of a meeting held on Sunday in Davos, Switzerland, with representatives from the Group of Seven, the European Union, and several non-European countries. Minister Jan Marian led the Czech delegation at the meeting.

Czech assistance

In September, the Czech Republic reached an agreement with Denmark and the Netherlands to supply Czech military aid to Ukraine with their financial support.

It was also reported that Denmark and the Czech Republic would transfer combat infantry vehicles, tanks, heavy weapons, and other types of weaponry from factories and depots in the Czech Republic to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The country will also transfer the license to produce CZ BREN 2 assault rifles to Ukraine and help establish ammunition production.

Rubryla previously reported about the "Gift for Putin" initiative, known for raising funding for a modernized T-72 tank named "Tomas" in honor of the first president of Czechoslovakia for Ukraine.

As Rubryka reported, the Czech initiative "Gift for Putin" (Dárek pro Putina) announced the final stage of collecting 15 mobile Victor air defense systems for Ukraine. Czech activists also managed to raise funds for MLRS for Ukraine.

On November 18, the NGO "Gift to Putin" launched a new fundraiser for Ukraine dedicated to the 34th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The funds will go toward a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.

Also, the Czech Republic will purchase ammunition for RPG-7 anti-tank weapons from the STV Group arms company for up to $110.1 million.

In January, the Ukrainian Armed Forces received 26 self-propelled artillery systems, DANA-M2, in caliber of 152 mm from the Czech Republic.

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