22:00 23 Mar 2023

Solution to win: Czech citizens raise $1.2 mln to buy MLRS for Ukraine

Фото: Polička

Czech citizens raised money to buy a RM-70 rocket system for Ukraine.

It was called Přemysl, Ceske Noviny reports.

What's the problem?

Due to the high intensity of hostilities, to protect and liberate the territories occupied by russia, Ukraine needs the supply of both defensive and offensive weapons.

Partner countries help the Armed Forces in this matter, which is often not enough. After all, some equipment breaks down during combat operations, and some requires repair.

What's the solution?

The Gift for putin initiative, founded by Czech businessman Dalibor Dedek, collects funds to help Ukraine.

The Czechs collected more than 30 million kroner ($1.2 million) for the purchase of anti-aircraft missiles.

How does it work?

It is planned to be transferred to Ukraine together with 365 missiles pretty soon.

The system itself underwent modernization and repair at one of the factories in the Czech Republic.

MLRS RM-70 is the Czech edition of the Soviet Grad rocket system, but on the chassis of the local Tatra company, as well as a new charging system.

Earlier, Czech citizens raised money to buy a modernized T-72 tank and various types of UAVs. The tank was named "Tomas"

The Gift for putin initiative sponsores military training of Ukrainian soldiers and lessons of sign language for Ukrainians with hearing disabillities in the Czech Republic.

The Czech initiative "Gift for putin" announced a final step of raising money for 15 Victor air defense systems for Ukraine.

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