10:20 10 Nov 2023

United to win: Germany to provide Ukraine with another Patriot air defense system

Photo: mil.in.ua

Soon, Ukraine will receive another Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (Patriot SAM) from Germany. 

Currently, there are two Patriot SAM divisions on active duty, according to Air Force spokesperson Yurii Ihnat, Rubryka reports.

"We have information that we currently have two Patriot divisions on active duty. It has been announced that Germany will provide another system. So, definitely, you can't have too many Patriots, just like cruise missiles," he told News.LIVE.

Ihnat then emphasized that Ukraine needed more systems to ensure protection.

"The Patriot is excellent because it can not only shoot down aircraft and helicopters at a distance of over 100, up to a maximum of 150 kilometers, but it can also intercept ballistic missiles," said Ihnat.

The spokesperson declined to specify a date for when Ukraine might receive another Patriot SAM system.

"When such things are announced, especially by country leaders, the timing, conditions, and the number of launcher batteries being transferred are not disclosed to the general public," he said. "That's because a statement can be made when the system is already in Ukraine or vice versa." 

He also mentioned that air defense systems were gradually being integrated into the Ukrainian Armed Forces, particularly into the Air Force.

"There are many statements. If Germany, its leader or government official, makes a statement, it is supplemented by someone from the European Commission or someone from 'Ramstein' [Ukraine Defense Contact Group]," " he added. "Then, the Ukrainian authorities 'catch up,' and the information is shared. It creates the impression that there are not just one or two of these systems but ten. In reality, it doesn't happen so quickly. Unfortunately. We would like it to be faster, of course."

As an example, Ihnat referred to the news about a Ukrainian unit training in Spain that will receive a Hawk battery, strengthening Ukraine's air defense. He also mentioned other systems promised by Germany, such as Gepard and IRIS-T, which will gradually be delivered.

He pointed out that replacing Soviet air defense systems with Western ones was a necessity dictated by the times. However, this transition will take time.

"But it won't happen quickly. There aren't enough air defense systems in the world to immediately replace everything we have today. So, this mix of Soviet and Western armaments will work for us for a long time," he concluded.


Ukraine has received the entire range of anti-aircraft missile systems agreed upon with Western partners. However, according to Air Force spokesperson Yurii Ihnat, more systems like Patriot, SAMP/T, IRIS-T, and NASAMS are needed to protect the country and critical targets that the Russians may try to attack and destroy.

Around Kyiv, a multi-level air defense system consisting of various types of weaponry has been constructed. However, no air defense system, including the one in the capital, can guarantee complete protection.

As reported, during the night of November 10, Russian forces attacked Ukraine using kamikaze drones called "Shahed." Air defense systems were active in the Kyiv region. Ukrainian air defense forces also intercepted a missile over the Dnipropetrovsk region.


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