09:45 04 Nov 2023

Western Ivano-Frankivsk opens drone operating school for teenagers

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Ukrainian network of volunteer centers Honcharenko Center is launching a drone operating school for teenagers in western Ivano-Frankivsk.

All classes are free and designed for students aged 14 to 18.

What is the problem?

This year, Ukraine's education ministry announced changes to the school curriculum, which includes operating drones.

We are already doing this work, we have the resources for it, including the material base and school workshops. We will work this summer and achieve quick results, said the head of the Ministry of Education Oksen Lisovyi.

On October 18, the Ministry of Education announced that the school discipline "Defense of Ukraine" would be updated to include drone control and the basics of tactical thinking.

What is the solution?

The educational and cultural space Honcharenko Center is launching a free drone operating school for teenagers.

Oksana Kuzmenko, the center's director, says this course will help teenagers master the theoretical part of drone control and learn how to operate different types of drones in practice.

The need for such courses has been discussed for a long time, even at the state level. But for the most part, it's just talk in the spirit of 'it would be nice to do it someday'. But we did it. We have prepared a comprehensive program that includes both theory and practice, found a training ground, and are ready to form the first groups.

How does it work?

Arsen Andriychuk, a teacher of the educational space, took similar classes while studying at the military department and has a thorough understanding of drone control.

In the summer, I found out that the Ministry plans to introduce similar courses into the school curriculum, but we don't know how long it will take. We are ready to lend a shoulder to the state and be the first to realize this ambitious dream in practice. Of course, in the future, we are ready to cooperate with local schools and share our experience with colleagues, the teacher said.

The theoretical component of the course includes studying the history and application areas of drones, the use of drones in Ukraine, and familiarization with professions related to the production and use of drones.

In the practical part, the teenagers will first learn to fly drones on simulators, and then they will start working with real drones of various types, including FPV, which Ukrainian soldiers actively use at the front.

You don't have to be afraid of the theory, because this is not aircraft modeling, there are no complicated mathematical formulas. Just an understanding of physics and computer skills at the 7th grade level.

Instead, teenagers will be able to gain practical experience in piloting different types of UAVs, learn more about flight safety, including route planning and navigation. In addition, it is also an important component of military and patriotic education, added Arsen Andriychuk.

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