16:30 11 Aug 2023

Solutions to win: Ukrainian cyber police and IT community unite to establish "MRIYA" platform to counter Russian propaganda and fakes in media space

The Cyber Police of Ukraine and the IT community, volunteers, and active citizens created the "MRIYA" project – a platform to counter Russian propaganda in the media space.

Rubryka informs about this.

What is the problem?

This war isn't just about keeping Ukraine's territory; it's also ongoing in the digital world. Russian enemies will use any words they can to manipulate people's thoughts and change the war's outcome, so it is essential to be vigilant and know how to protect people from fake news.

What is the solution?

This initiative brings people together to fight against false information and Russian propaganda on the web.

"MRIYA" project participants will learn information and cyber hygiene and receive hundreds of tips to increase media awareness. They will be able to recognize and stop the spread of propaganda alone, but only together can we counteract the negative aspects of the web.

The "MRIYA" Internet platform contains the Telegram channel "StopRussia/MRIYA," which checks and blocks resources that spread fakes and hostile propaganda. This channel is used to communicate with subscribers. Instructions, online tasks for combating in the cyber environment, and helpful information on the rules of compliance with the rules of cyber hygiene are systematically provided.

In addition, there you can find the "StopRussia/MRIYA" chatbot, where with the help of simple instructions, you can add a resource for blocking or send a complaint about a resource.

How does it work?

The "Share" button generates a link you can send to your friends and relatives so that they join the "MRIYA" community and help file complaints about hostile resources. The website of the "MRIYA" project also has information on other areas of activity, namely:

  • Bot StopFraudMRIYA, a community where you can check a phone number or bank card and find out if someone has reported related fraud;
  • chatbot "People's Avenger," where you can report hostile actions on the territory of Ukraine.

This is the largest community that successfully blocks and counters Russian aggression on the Internet. "MRIYA" unites many areas of activity where we need your active participation and help, especially during the war!

We invite you to join the "MRIYA" project, the most significant information army (250+ thousand participants) that has blocked the most considerable number of propaganda resources (about 30 thousand).

The people from both the public and private realms are coming together to combat misinformation and unlawful material, obliterate Russian propaganda from the web, and take down hubs of distributing illegal or banned content. The project aims to improve the media literacy of Ukrainians and reduce the impact of propaganda on society.

Project goals:

  • destruction of Russian propaganda channels in the network;
  • reducing the level of bullying and harassment on the Internet;
  • countering drugs and fraud;
  • education and training on cyber hygiene;
  • education of the population regarding information hygiene;
  • involvement and motivation of citizens to an active civic position.

Cyber troops are waiting for you to join via the following link.

For reference:

As reported in Ukraine, the media literacy level among the population increased from 55% to 81% in two years.

The Antidote information and educational program will unite representatives of Ukraine's armed forces, business and media experts to counter Russian disinformation.

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