15:37 19 May 2023

Ukrainian experts set out to counter Russian disinformation in Antidote media literacy project

The Antidote information and educational program will unite representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and business and media experts to counter Russian disinformation.

The founder of the NotaYenota initiative, Aliona Romaniuk, announced this, Ukrinform reports.

What is the problem?

Russian military and intelligence structures are conducting an ongoing information campaign against Ukraine. This campaign aims to spread disinformation and propaganda that paints Ukraine and its government officials as the aggressors in Russia-Ukraine relations. By doing this, they hope to sway the opinions of Western countries and make them believe that Ukraine's actions could lead to a global conflict. Additionally, they aim to convince Russian citizens that military intervention in Ukraine is necessary.

What is the solution?

"Antidote aims to improve the level of media literacy, teach media hygiene and develop critical thinking skills for Ukrainians," the expert said.

According to her, national businesses, the Center for Strategic Communications, and Ukraine's Armed Forces will join the initiative. Romaniuk and Oksana Moroz are the current program specialists working on the project.

How does it work?

The project consists of two parts — theoretical and practical — and will involve an educational campaign over various platforms and resources, the Armed Forces, the media, public initiatives, and employees of large companies. 

"We want to understand how to work with information, the targets of the 'info throws' made by the enemy, and how to survive in the information world when we are attacked there daily," Romaniuk said.

According to her, the project aims to consolidate acquired skills with the help of quests, surveys, and games. The specialist noted that one of the principles of the project would be to play ahead of the game.

"For example, if we are talking about the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, the Russians can launch fakes about radiation. In the meantime, we can explain how and where to check the level of radiation and what topics the enemy will play on. We will advise on how not to act on provocations," she explained.

The specialists are currently working on developing the initiative and will share the timeline and specific steps for implementation once they're finalized.

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