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Cat survives 11 days under rubble after Russian rocket attack on apartment building in Lviv

Photo: Facebook / Oksana Koshak

On the 11th day after the Russian rocket struck a residential building on the night of July 6 in Lviv, a live cat nicknamed Churchill was found under the rubble.

Rubryka reports, referring to the Facebook page of Oksana Koshak, the resident of the destroyed building, chief of the public organization "World Association for Animal Affairs of Ukraine" UPAW.

As she said, this is a pet of a resident. The animal is exhausted and dehydrated but even tried to eat in the veterinary clinic.

"It's just a miracle! Today, on the 11th day after the rocket struck our house, utility workers found a live cat among the rubble. It's also Mrs. Olia's pet and a friend of our previously rescued dog Alisa," said a Lviv woman.

She said that the municipal service workers discovered the cat.

котик, Львів завали будинку

Photo: Facebook / Oksana Koshak

According to reports, the cat's owner is a house resident, Olha. Her mother was killed by July 6 missile strike. The woman herself was pulled out from under the rubble. Later, they found the family's dog Alpha, a shepherd. On the 11th day after the tragedy, it became known that the cat Churchill was also rescued.

котик, Львів завали будинку

Photo: Facebook / Oksana Koshak

"Fortunately, Mrs. Olia was in the yard. She immediately recognized her Churchill," said Oksana Koshak. According to her information, Olha temporarily lives in a modular town for displaced nearby.

котик, Львів завали будинку

Photo: Facebook / Oksana Koshak

The animal received free veterinary care at a local clinic. The cat was tested, and an ultrasound scan was performed.


On the night of July 6, the Russian occupiers hit Lviv with rockets: a critical infrastructure object was damaged, and a missile hit a high-rise building. After the rescuers finished the rescue operation, it became known that the strike killed ten civilians. Forty-five people were injured, including three children.

The Russian invaders fired ten Kalibr missiles, of which Ukraine's military managed to down seven.

President Zelensky commented on the night attack on Lviv, saying, "There will be a response to the enemy." The spokesman of the Air Force command at the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Yurii Ihnat, reported that the Russian Kalibr rockets initially flew to Kyiv but abruptly changed course to Lviv.

In Lviv, in memory of the victims of the Russian missile attack, the city authorities announced a two-day mourning period. Among the dead was the family of Volodymyr Sadovyi, a Lviv journalist from the Varta media.


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