13:33 23 May 2023

Projector Institute empowers Ukrainian youth with AI career guidance bot

Projector Creative & Tech Institute has developed its own chatbot based on OpenAI technologies. With its help, users will be able to navigate the world of modern professions and get career options for their future, Rubryka reports.

What is the problem?

The chatbot's target audience includes high school students, first-year university students, and career switchers who have decided to change their profession but are still uncertain about their choice. Thanks to the chatbot, users will be able to understand the world of creative and IT professions and choose a suitable direction. They can also learn about fields that are currently overlooked in traditional career guidance, such as development, product and project management, interface design, and animation, as well as more niche professions like SEO, PPC, analytics, creative copywriting, and others.

What is the solution?

"We're launching our first AI-based product, and its main goal is to explore the intersection of technology and career development. Career guidance, in our opinion, is the first step on this path," says Anna Chernysh, Head of Product at Projector. "The initial version of the product is fun and straightforward: only 12 questions that are closely related to real-life situations and familiar contexts so that reflection is not abstract. Users will be inspired with new ideas and opportunities for their own career development, understanding what a particular profession entails and why it can be interesting and useful. Later on, we will improve the accuracy of the suggestions based on the data we gather and add new features."

How does it work?

Unlike alternative options, Projector's chatbot includes 50% open-ended questions and consists of a survey and learning about the job one wants. The more extensive and detailed the answers, the more accurate the chatbot's recommendations become. The chatbot provides professional suggestions in the creative and IT industries.

When creating the chatbot, the Projector team leveraged their 8-year expertise in developing educational programs in creative and IT fields. Additionally, they conducted surveys among professionals in relevant areas and processed their responses to enrich the chatbot's content.

Rubryka reported that REX IT FEST invites students to join their career online festival that will showcase proposals for business development in Ukraine, along with job opportunities for those interested in trying themselves in this field.

Rubryka also reported that despite the full-scale war, the income from exports in Ukrainian IT companies has increased by 5%.

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