29 sep, 15:43

Leaders of Ukraine, Italy, and Poland plan out response to sham referenda

28 sep, 10:53

Ukraine can count on Italy's support – new PM Meloni

1 sep, 15:12

Sanctions in action: Italian authorities seized 11 villas of oligarch close to putin

15 jun, 20:15

Macron, Draghi, and Scholz plan to make a joint trip to Ukraine on Thursday

13 jun, 14:04

Macron, Scholz, and Draghi plan to visit Kyiv on June 16, media report

18 apr, 12:42

Italian PM says there's no point in talks with putin

15 apr, 15:30

Italy appeals to International Criminal Court about russia's atrocities in Ukraine

5 apr, 20:17

Italian PM: Putin should be prosecuted for war crimes in Ukraine

4 apr, 15:14

Following the atrocities in Bucha, Italy will support sanctions against russian gas

2 apr, 14:31

Italy's top diplomat announced that his country is ready to guarantee Ukraine's neutrality

22 mar, 16:27

Italy wants Ukraine to join the European Union, said Italian prime minister

11 mar, 19:27

In Italy, there are plans to place refugees from Ukraine in houses confiscated from the mafia

27 feb, 16:10

Three more countries have decided to close the airspace for Russian aircrafts

26 jan, 14:21

Italy is ready to take a more active part in strengthening NATO's eastern flank

3 jan, 14:40

Ukrainian Lyniv became the chief conductor of Italian Opera House

14 dec, 19:47

Zelenskyy, PM of Italy discuss security situation around Ukraine

9 dec, 19:11

Court in Italy ultimately acquits Ukraine’s National Guard member Markiv

7 dec, 14:50

Leaders of Germany, the United States, France, Italy, and the UK spoke out in support of Ukraine

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