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Solutions to Ukraine: Czech dogs to help alert Ukrainians of radioactive danger

In the Czech Republic, ordinary local residents and their pets help Ukrainians monitor radiation and air pollution.

"Clean Air for Ukraine" reports this.

What is the problem?

During the shelling by the russian invaders, not only the infrastructure of the settlements was damaged.  Radiation background and air quality monitoring stations were also destroyed.

What is the solution?

This year the fundraising campaign "100 Stations for Ukraine" started in the Czech Republic. The campaign was launched by the Czech public organization Arnika, which implements the "Clean Air for Ukraine" program in Ukraine.

As the publication emphasizes, the Czechs are raising funds for the production of new radiation background and air quality monitoring stations for the Ukrainian EcoCity network. Then they will replace those destroyed by the russian invaders. And they will also expand radiation control points.

собаки, радіація, Чехія

Photo: Clean Air for Ukraine

"Our non-profit organization Arnika has been working in Ukraine since 2018. In particular, we supported the creation of the largest Ukrainian air quality monitoring network, EcoCity," Marcela Chernotsova says.

She is the coordinator of the international Czech-Ukrainian project "Clean Air for Ukraine" (Arnica NGO, Czech Republic).

How does it work?

"Since 2018, more than 700 such air quality monitoring stations have been manufactured, most of which have been provided free of charge to public organizations, activists and volunteers, schools, and universities. The beginning of the russian federation's full-scale war against Ukraine led to the partial destruction of the public air quality monitoring network throughout Ukraine.

собаки, радіація, Чехія

Photo: Clean Air for Ukraine

Almost 200 EcoCity stations, despite military operations, provide daily monitoring of air quality in various regions, peaceful and occupied. They also assess the concentration of various pollutants and the level of radiation 24/7.

Currently, the EcoCity network transmits data on the level of radiation directly from the front-line territories close to the occupied ones, in particular from the area of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe.

That is why my colleagues and friends want to help Ukrainians. And not only with humanitarian aid but also with the preservation of health. So we put our personal money into making new stations with radiation sensors," she said.

The "Clean Air for Ukraine" program was quickly adapted to the needs and realities of the war. Since Ukrainians are most worried about the threat of a nuclear attack or a chemical attack, the stations are equipped with radiation background sensors. Chlorine, ammonia, and phosphine are also available.

The first four stations for monitoring radiation background and air pollution have already been handed over to Ukrainians.

собаки, радіація, Чехія

Photo: Clean Air for Ukraine

Friends from the community of animal lovers and friendly educational institutions were the first to join the campaign.

"Aslan means Lion. He is my dog, a cheerful dog who loves freedom and his home above all else and bravely defends his right to happiness. I want Ukrainians and your pets always to be able to feel free and live in safety.

Therefore, I am donating this station to monitor air pollution and radiation in Ukraine," says Marcela Chernotsova.

собаки, радіація

Photo: Clean Air for Ukraine

That is how a station named Aslan shows the level of air pollution and radiation in Ukraine.

"Strakata is "speckled" in Czech. It's the name of a wonderful dog. The donor is a woman who is a long-time supporter of Arnica and wants to help fight against russians and contribute to the victory of freedom and democracy," Marcela Chernotsova continues.

This station is installed at the university in Kropyvnytskyi.

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