08:43 19 Feb 2023

Israeli missile strikes building in central Damascus

Фото: Із соцмереж

An explosion rang out in a guarded building close to Iranian military facilities in Damascus, the Syrian capital.

Reuters reports it, citing witnesses and officials.

Five people were found dead; another 15 were injured due to the explosion. Several residential buildings were damaged.

Сирія, ракетний обстріл Дамаск

Photo: open sources

Reuters reports Israel initiated the missile attack.

"A targeted strike damaged several buildings in a densely populated area near Umayyad Square in the center of the capital, where guarded high-rise buildings are located in residential areas", journalists state.

Last summer, the Israel Defense Forces launched a missile attack and destroyed an Iranian enterprise in the suburbs of Damascus, which is engaged in the assembly of UAVs.

Rubryka reported that on the night of January 29, a series of powerful explosions occurred at military infrastructure facilities in Iran.

Kamikaze drones attacked several military facilities. According to unofficial data, explosions also rang out at the Shahed drone factory.

According to a new investigative CNN report, Iran appears to be modifying the attack drones it's providing to Russia so that the explosive warheads can inflict maximum damage on infrastructure targets inside Ukraine.

Currently no country or terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for its actions. However, the Iranian side accused Israel of attacking a military facility.

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