08:31 08 Feb 2023

"We will stand with Ukrainian people as long as it takes" - Biden

Photo: REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

russia's full-scale war of aggression in Ukraine has become the world's greatest test, and the United States will support the Ukrainians as long as it takes, says US President Joe Biden.

In his State of the Union address broadcast live, Biden recalled his speech days after vladimir putin launched his vicious war against Ukraine. "A murderous assault, evoking images of the death and destruction Europe suffered in World War II," Biden said. 

"putin's invasion has been a test for the ages. A test for America. A test for the world.

"Would we stand for the most basic of principles? Would we stand for sovereignty? Would we stand for the right of people to live free from tyranny? Would we stand for the defense of democracy?

"For such a defense matters to us because it keeps the peace and prevents open season for would-be aggressors to threaten our security and prosperity. One year later, we know the answer. Yes, we would," US President said.

And they did, continued Biden, adding that America always does at its best. "We led. We united NATO and built a global coalition. We stood against putin's aggression. We stood with the Ukrainian people."

Then Biden turned to Ukraine's Ambassador to the United States, who attended the White House for the President's, noting she represents not just her nation but the courage of her people.

"Ambassador, America is united in our support for your country. We will stand with you as long as it takes," he said.

The US president also mentioned inflation as a global problem. Biden noted that the causes are the pandemic and "putin's war that disrupted energy and food supplies." 

The statement comes amid reports that the US president may meet with Polish President Duda and Ukrainian President Zelensky in Poland shortly. The office of the President of Poland confirmed that the head of the White House would soon visit the country.

To recap, the Gallup survey showed that American support, including military aid, for Ukraine remains stable at 65% despite almost a year of russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.

On February 3, it was reported that the US Department of Defense is allocating a new aid package, the latest in the series, for Ukraine worth $2.2 billion, including long-range Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) missiles. The same package included Javelin anti-tank systems and support equipment for the Patriot.

Prior to that, US President Joe Biden officially announced the delivery of 31 American-made M1 Abrams tanks and other equipment to Ukraine.

On January 19, the US Department of Defense announced allocating another $2.5 billion military aid package to Ukraine. It included 90 Stryker armored vehicles and an additional 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to the 50 already provided. This will allow Ukraine to create two brigades of armored vehicles.

Since russia's full-scale invasion, US military aid to Ukraine has reached $29.3 billion.

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