18:17 10 Aug 2022

Publishing house exclusively for e-books established in Ukraine

In Ukraine, a publishing house exclusively for e-books, Olean, was created to popularize Ukrainian-language publications abroad.

The initiative's co-founders, Olena Novitska and Anna Svyrydyuk announced this on social networks.

"Today, the share of Ukrainian-language content on YouTube is increasing, and there is a tendency to cancel all russian content.

We decided to join the cultural front and create books in the Ukrainian language. We believe there should be more books in Ukrainian, and for this, we started our business," the co-founders said in a comment to Detektor Media.

The publishing house's website was launched in July, so there are no ready-made books yet, the women admit. However, the team intends to release five books by the end of the year.

"In particular, we specialize in publishing e-news of business literature, political, social, and historical books. Such books bring maximum benefit to readers, and the acquired knowledge can be immediately applied in practice — in professional activities or the organization of one's life", they say in Olean.

In addition, the publishing team plans to explore Spain, France, Mexico, and China book markets.

"We noticed that the Ukrainian market is dominated by translations of business literature from the English language, while Spanish, Mexican, Polish, French, and Chinese authors, in our opinion, are unfairly deprived of attention," the publishing house notes.

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