16 may, 13:59

Karlsruhe to unveil embroidered mural at Ukrainian Cultural Center's library wall

22 jan, 13:22

"What will happen to my child if I am gone?"

4 jan, 15:52

How Ukrainians implement inclusiveness to treat children with autism?

8 oct, 14:36

Solutions to win: Vinnytsia students rally to collect over 2.5 tons of plastic in aid of Ukrainian army

1 oct, 11:26

Solutions to win: Ukraine's central Vinnytsia sends Shchedryk reconnaissance drones to army

10 sep, 15:37

Vinnytsia artist creates stereoscopic paintings using wooden cubes, setting new Ukrainian record

1 sep, 15:12

Veteran Hub: how the support center for Ukrainian veterans in Vinnytsia works

29 aug, 12:44

Ukrainian breeder creates world's first blue-yellow corn

8 aug, 10:30

Housing policy, principles of recovery, regional development — the Ukrainian Urban Forum "Common Home" in Vinnytsia

30 may, 15:00

Care center for children with disabilities opened in Vinnytsia

12 apr, 14:43

Eco-solutions: Vinnytsia to construct waste paper recycling enterprise

9 apr, 20:22

Eco-solution: citizens of Vinnytsia can swap their garbage for trees

7 apr, 12:15

City of Vinnytsia equips boiler rooms with energy-saving devices

5 mar, 14:42

Solutions to win: volunteers have raised ₴1 mln selling souvenirs made of destroyed russian tanks

How does it work?
25 jan, 18:02

"Feeling like citizens": how public organizations adapt to conditions of war

7 dec, 14:24

In the city with no water: what to do if the water supply stops

8 sep, 08:30

Camping and therapy for IDPs: Vinnytsia's solution helps displaced people

19 jul, 10:30

Vinnytsia missile attack death toll rises to 25: bombed clinic's doctor dies from injuries

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