21 apr, 08:59

Russian troops near Ukrainian border aren't enough for a large-scale offensive, ICG analysts say

20 apr, 13:48

The EU: Russia has concentrated more than 100,000 troops on border with Ukraine

19 apr, 08:59

Escalation in the east: OSCE calls on Ukraine and Russia to comply with Vienna Document

16 apr, 09:55

French president believes Russia's actions threaten Ukraine's sovereignty

What's Happening
15 apr, 15:01

Putin's bluff or approaching war? What Kremlin wants from Zelenskyi in Donbas

15 apr, 13:31

Merkel will join talks between Zelenskyi and Macron in a video format - Media

15 apr, 10:52

Zelenskyi and his wife to pay a working visit to France

13 apr, 16:15

OSCE announces the date of the meeting initiated by Ukraine

13 apr, 12:50

Russia must stop military growth in and around Ukraine - Stoltenberg

13 apr, 10:20

Russia is pulling troops to intimidate the West by demonstrating its strength - Zelenskyi

12 apr, 13:42

Kuleba to arrive in Brussels to take part in extraordinary meeting of NATO-Ukraine Commission

12 apr, 10:36

Confirmation of intentions to continue military pressure: Foreign Ministry comments on Russia's refusal to cooperate with OSCE

9 apr, 16:36

Message about Ukraine's preparation to march on Donbas is misinformation - Khomchak

9 apr, 11:54

Most Ukrainians contemplate a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine - Survey

9 apr, 10:22

Armed Forces are ready for quick reaction along Ukrainian-Russian border - Khomchak

8 apr, 10:57

OSCE PA calls on Russia to de-escalate and respect Ukraine's territorial integrity

8 apr, 09:20

Five NATO countries discuss defense support opportunities for Ukraine - Pentagon

7 apr, 13:56

Occupants begin re-equipping defensive fortifications near Mariupol - JFO's press service

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