Ternopil region

13 may, 16:24

Solutions to win: charity auction in Ternopil region raises over ₴250,000 for Ukraine's armed forces

She's got it
23 feb, 13:43

Helping hand: resettlers help other displaced people integrate into Ternopil region's community

Photo, video
15 feb, 14:58

Ukraine advances accessibility and mental health support programs

14 oct, 09:53

Eco-solution: Ukrainian court in western Ternopil fines local enterprise $27,000 for polluting river

7 sep, 12:42

Creative hub for community development: exploring the impact of internally displaced persons’ solution on Berezhany

26 aug, 12:21

Repairs for residents and improved housing for a year for IDPs: a unique project is implemented in the Ternopil region

20 aug, 12:07

Farmer from western Ternopil plants 5,000 melon seeds to support depleted southern regions known for watermelons

16 aug, 14:39

A safe environment for 225 children: German grant helped repair a shelter in the Ternopil region

29 jul, 14:51

United to win: Mayor of Norwegian city Sokndal raises ₴540,000 for Ukrainian army by traveling by bicycle

6 jun, 15:56

Ukraine's western Ternopil region sends 50 tons of drinking water to people of Kherson amid Kakhovka dam destruction

27 apr, 13:14

Training center for drone operators open in Ukraine's western city of Ternopil

3 apr, 16:13

Ukrainian archeologists uncover remains of settlement over 4,000 years old in western Ternopil region

7 aug, 16:01

First innovative solar energy system installed in Ukraine

20 jul, 13:45

PORUCH is here: How does mental health project to support children affected by war work in Ternopil region?

17 jul, 21:05

The eco-educational route “Ustechko-Chervone” in the Ternopil region was cleared

16 jul, 21:25

The artist paints pictures with coffee in the Ternopil region

4 mar, 20:11

In Ternopil, restaurants prepare free lunches and dinners for police and terrorists

17 dec, 10:34

Enclosed court reconstruction project in Ternopil region won an international competition

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