9 feb, 12:55

Ukrainian artist turns carpets into canvases, selling paintings to support armed forces

3 feb, 10:56

A teenager from Ternopil starts mass production of FPV drones for the military

10 oct, 17:29

Ternopil to open first inclusive multifunctional hub in Ukraine

2 aug, 15:04

Five important coincidences: Ternopil activists set up a shelter for displaced people and gave them work

14 may, 15:53

Thousands of tons of humanitarian aid destroyed by Russian missile attack in Ternopil

9 apr, 12:00

Solutions to Ukraine: European Investment Bank starts insulation project to warm Ternopil schoolchildren

Photo, video
23 mar, 14:00

Displaced woman opens healthy food cafe with charity screenings of Ukrainian films

27 nov, 12:27

National Guard members in Ternopil donate more than 10 liters of blood for wounded comrades

8 aug, 09:08

Five cities in Ukraine's west to launch air quality stations

7 aug, 16:01

First innovative solar energy system installed in Ukraine

20 jul, 13:45

PORUCH is here: How does mental health project to support children affected by war work in Ternopil region?

12 jun, 18:31

Strike on Chortkiv in Ternopil region: 23 people injured, 10 still in hospital

4 apr, 11:33

russian occupiers bombed Ternopil, damaging critical infrastructure

4 mar, 20:11

In Ternopil, restaurants prepare free lunches and dinners for police and terrorists

20 dec, 15:21

Ternopil to install a point to monitor the environmental condition of the local reservoir

14 dec, 13:18

First multifunctional playground for dog walking created in Ternopil

3 dec, 10:22

Ternopil reduces the cost of utilities by installing individual heating points

7 oct, 13:24

The Ukrainian language has become official in one city in Brazil

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