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Solutions to win: Ukraine's Border Guard Service tests cutting-edge machine vision for increased security measures

Photo: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has begun implementing advanced machine vision technologies for testing. These technologies will automate various processes in border guards' work, with the goal of enhancing border control efficiency, expediting information processing, and improving the security of the state's borders.

The State Border Service reports this.

What is the problem?

"Our goal is to create a product that not only detects potential threats but also predicts their development, providing our border guards with the necessary tools for effective response. We are constantly modernizing the system and introducing new intelligent algorithms to reduce the human factor and simplify the work of border guards," the director of Compass Engineering, Vitalyi Rozdobutko, notes.

What is the solution?

A Ukrainian company that specializes in developing such technologies has created software for detecting threats at border crossings.

This program can identify objects based on specific parameters and is currently being tested in certain border areas and by the State Border Service. It is also linked with surveillance cameras, including those that use thermal imaging technology.

Officials of the State Border Guard Service can monitor the relevant sectors with the help of Zir pro analytics.

How does it work?

During the testing phase, border guards and developers work together to teach the program:

  • how to identify border or regime violators,
  • and minimize the occurrence of false positives.

Photo: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

For example, during a recent arrest in Transcarpathia, a thermal imaging camera captured numerous wild animals fleeing between the violators and border guards after a warning shot was fired.

The program can also:

  • identify individuals carrying weapons,
  • recognize license plate numbers,
  • distinguish the make and model of vehicles, watercraft, and military equipment.

The use of machine vision will improve control over the state border, reducing the risk of the human factor.

Фото: ДПСУ

In addition, machine vision can help:

  • monitor the traffic at checkpoints,
  • analyze traffic across the border,
  • identify wanted persons and vehicles,
  • monitor regime territories.

Border guards are also studying the possibility of introducing these technologies in combat work.

For reference:

It should be noted that for the first time in history, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine introduced a digital person created using artificial intelligence technologies, which will officially comment on consular information for the media.

It was also reported that AF Drones is launching a Defense Tech Innovation Hub cluster to implement "garage" innovations at the front.

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