9 jan, 14:20

Ukrainian IT company SoftServe to develop technologies for construction on the Moon

8 jan, 19:42

United Launch Alliance's rocket sends Ukrainian map and flag to the Moon on special metal plate

19 nov, 19:15

Ukrainian engineer leads Mars Desert Research Station in USA

20 apr, 09:24

Ukrainian Space Agency launches investigation into explosion of unknown object over Kyiv

25 feb, 15:06

Saudi Arabia to send its first female astronaut in space

3 jan, 16:48

Ukrainian nanosatellite is launched into Earth orbit in US

12 aug, 21:25

European Space Agency began negotiations to replace russian Soyuz rockets with SpaceX

28 jul, 10:35

New NASA satellite to make the world’s first global freshwater survey

13 jan, 10:39

SpaceX rocket to launch a Ukrainian satellite into orbit today

22 dec, 09:07

Space X postpones Ukrainian satellite's launch to January 13

6 dec, 13:01

Ukrainian satellite Sich-2-30 sent to the United States to be launched into space

5 dec, 10:30

China interested in deepening space cooperation with Ukraine

1 dec, 12:36

Ukrainian satellite Sich underwent testing and being prepared for shipment to the United States

20 nov, 13:56

Canada and Ukraine launch construction of spaceport

17 sep, 23:11

3D printed Ukraine's flag to be delivered to the Moon

6 sep, 09:10

Elon Musk meets Serhiy Koroliov’s descendants

Video report
1 sep, 14:55

Schoolchildren in space: Ukrainian project will cooperate with Elon Musk's Space X and NASA

27 may, 09:40

Zakarpattia, with National Space Center's participation, creates a map of polluted rivers

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