Social entrepreneurship

She's got it
13 mar, 16:00

"This shirt is a talisman with meaning and power": Ukrainian social enterprise recreates ancient embroidery works

22 jan, 13:22

"What will happen to my child if I am gone?"

She's got it
20 jan, 09:05

How the "Moim. Ridnym" project empowers retired women to create for the army and home

3 jan, 14:24

Your grief is my grief: Poltava IDP adaptation center helps newcomers integrate into community

5 may, 10:44

"Only 20 out of 50 people managed to get a job": what is wrong with work for deaf Ukrainians, and what are the solutions

10 apr, 09:27

Massage parlor, museum, and IT company: how Ukrainian business provides work to visually impaired people

21 mar, 12:58

"Even if it makes the defenders at least 2% more comfortable:" sewing solution from Mariupol resettler's enterprise

She's Got It
14 dec, 18:33

One product — one story: how Vilni helps women during war

9 nov, 17:12

How to develop volunteer initiatives with their own organized production

26 sep, 11:15

First cafe bakery with employees with mental disabilities opened in Kyiv

7 feb, 08:45

Kengurush against fast fashion: how volunteers help share unneeded things

6 dec, 15:11

A shop selling souvenirs made by children with disabilities opened in Lviv region

1 dec, 15:05

"The river carries us in a fantastic boat", or how social agreements make cities better

18 nov, 14:41

Odesa project, which helps Romani women, received a wave of support and impetus for development after Rubryka article

28 oct, 13:29

In Zhytomyr region, unemployed women involved in making teas

30 sep, 07:30

In Kyiv region, a unique social enterprise created at a school where children are taught beekeeping: video

9 feb, 09:55

Things for "thanks": how volunteers in Chernihiv help the poor

26 jan, 09:50

Workshop for former alcoholics and drug addicts. How social business in Lviv brings back to life

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