15 nov, 10:26

russians will not leave rest of occupied Ukraine without fight — Pentagon

3 nov, 19:57

Ukraine will liberate rest of Kherson region on Dnipro's right bank — Pentagon head

1 nov, 12:14

US to transfer 8 NASAMS to Ukraine – Pentagon

30 sep, 14:08

Ukraine's Defense Minister discussed future Ramstein-6 meeting with Pentagon head

8 sep, 12:34

Ramstein 5: Pentagon Chief announces new military aid for Ukraine

17 aug, 08:47

Ukraine and US discuss Ukraine's security aid needs

20 jul, 19:03

US Defense Secretary: russia's war against Ukraine is "at a critical stage"

12 jul, 09:52

Ramstein-4: Pentagon announces new meeting's date and format

1 jun, 22:14

The Pentagon on the contents of the new $700 billion aid package to Ukraine

5 may, 09:06

Pentagon: Enemy missile strikes are an attempt to undermine Ukraine's ability to obtain weapons

26 apr, 19:43

Pentagon chief called on the allies to speed up defense assistance to Ukraine

26 apr, 15:42

Lloyd Austin: The United States will "move heaven and earth" to support Ukraine

26 apr, 12:04

Defense ministers of 40 states meet in Germany

25 apr, 10:07

Zelenskyy officially reported the visit of Blinken and Austin to Kyiv

13 apr, 08:37

The Pentagon has confirmed that most of the weapons from the US military aid package are already in Ukraine

28 jan, 22:50

Pentagon assesses Russia's range of options against Ukraine

19 jan, 09:04

Pentagon states it's ready to provide more assistance to Ukraine

19 oct, 11:39

The US Secretary of Defense arrived in Ukraine as part of a working visit

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