Violence in Ukraine

24 jul, 19:05

UN receives over 150 reports of rape committed by Russian troops in Ukraine - envoy

18 jul, 14:19

Ukraine completes ratification of Istanbul Convention

11 jul, 21:25

UN: 124 cases of sexual violence recorded in Ukraine during wartime

Special Project
22 jun, 21:30

It's not about numbers: sexual violence as war crime, victims' real needs, and exposure mistakes

She's Got It
20 jun, 20:32

Istanbul Convention. Why is it ratified, and what will change?

20 jun, 13:43

Ukrainian parliament ratifies Istanbul Convention on preventing violence against women

20 may, 14:48

13 victims of russian sexual crimes identified in Kyiv region

She's got it
16 may, 10:35

Sexual violence during the war: how the Ukrainian project helps people return to life physically and mentally

Special Project
28 apr, 19:15

"Rape is a weapon." How a Ukrainian woman helps victims of war violence

27 apr, 16:29

Ombudsman's Office received about 400 appeals about cases of rape by russian occupiers, ombudsman reports

22 apr, 20:04

russian occupiers beat and raped the mother and younger sister of the 17-year-old girl in front of her eyes. Both died

20 apr, 18:00

Protest against the rape of Ukrainian women by russian army took place near russian embassy in Riga

13 apr, 14:41

A protest against the rape of Ukrainian women was organized near russian embassy in Estonia: photo

13 apr, 14:13

Ukrainian women raped by russian soldiers cannot have abortions in Poland, the human rights activist said

12 apr, 10:23

Ombudswoman reports on about 25 girls being raped by russian invaders in the basement of a house in Bucha

8 apr, 18:55

Russian occupiers in the cities of Bucha and Irpin raped women and young children, Human Rights Commissioner reports

3 apr, 15:15

Raped during occupation: what to do, what medicine to take and where to seek help

25 mar, 15:03

In Ukraine, Russian military was first served with charges of rape

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