Violence in Ukraine

22 may, 14:59

Solutions from Ukraine: transportation services launch awareness campaign to combat human trafficking risks

9 apr, 16:58

Solutions from Ukraine: new app enables victims of violence to alert police without calling

29 mar, 14:24

Human rights activists report eight documented cases of Russian war crimes against LGBTQ+ in Kherson region

4 mar, 18:21

Ukrainians who endured sexual violence by Russian invaders to receive reparations

Special project
15 jan, 12:55

How men join campaigns against gender-based violence and change Ukraine for good?

10 jan, 13:41

Important things explained in plain language: Tolerance Diary draws attention to social problems

1 jan, 19:40

Solutions from Ukraine: new support center opens in Chernihiv to aid women and children affected by war

25 dec, 14:05

Ukrainian city of Poltava welcomes new children's support center for domestic violence victims

30 nov, 16:20

Ukraine to introduce electronic bracelets to address accountability of offenders in domestic violence cases

25 nov, 16:10

International anti-domestic violence campaign commences in Ukraine

23 nov, 15:59

Ukraine launches "16 days against gender-based violence" global campaign

5 nov, 16:22

Solutions from Ukraine: 11 free Rescue Centers in Ukraine providing comprehensive aid to war and violence victims

19 oct, 15:27

Ukraine presents UN-supported project to draw attention to war-related sexual violence

5 oct, 19:21

The largest number of Russian sexual crimes is recorded in Kherson region – human rights commissioner

31 aug, 13:40

Russian forces have tortured 75 Ukrainian children – prosecutor general's office

13 jul, 19:23

Russians have employed horrifying torture tactics on women during Kherson occupation – ZMINA Center for Human Rights

Special project
28 jun, 09:05

Getting out of the vacuum: emergency support on wheels helps victims of violence

Special project
27 jun, 13:28

"You cannot overcome grief with tears — only with actions": the mobile team of social and psychological assistance helps violence victims overcome their challenges

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