14 sep, 14:09

"The main thing is not to make manicure on the hands, but to take these hands into your own": how beauty volunteers help those who survived occupation

18 may, 16:33

Ukrainian girls win: International Championship among beauty specialists took place in Poland

13 jan, 11:15

A new trend: remodeling things from your closet. How does upcycling work?

She's Got It
5 jan, 14:35

Emily, Tyshkun and other scandals: what you need to know about the dress code and how to (not) react to it

What's Happening
1 jan, 14:42

11 things to become popular in 2022: forecasts for people looking to the future

20 dec, 12:10

Fur and 2021: more lives saved

She's Got It
20 nov, 15:00

May we turn gray? Why do women decide not to dye their hair

She's Got It
13 jul, 10:10

Skin can't be good or bad: what body neutrality is and solutions that change the rules of the game

16 feb, 10:49

Ukrainian designers develop clothes from mushrooms, eucalyptus and hemp

21 jan, 08:55

How to protect your skin under mask: everything you need to know about mask problems

18 jan, 15:30

Top 6 trends of 2021: relationships, fashion, and food of the year

9 dec, 13:55

Guide to best perfumes: this winter top 6 fragrances

She's Got It
27 nov, 09:15

Yulia Tymoshenko turns 60. How the image of the most famous Ukrainian woman politician has changed

11 nov, 14:56

Kombucha and moss. Ukrainian woman figured out how to green facades and clean the air

29 oct, 11:11

Innovative projects were presented in Kyiv within Dutch Design Week

18 oct, 09:55

Everything you need to know about a tie: how to tie, where to wear and how a woman can wear it

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